We found out inclusion and preservation of cultural heritage an important case in our digitalized world. So we want to create a project where cultural preservation-inclusion will meet on crossroad and will be available for youth through digital technologies.
The project idea has been developed by Spanish and Armenian participants after the project “Road to the Change” which took place in Armenia, which had a great success and we decided to do a similar project with our Armenian partners, as they already had the experience to host such a project. This project will be one of the results to make the projects sustainable for wider group. We want to manage the continuation of the exchange Road to the Change, but this time promoting active citizenship, inclusion and cultural dialogue through dance. Armenians are not that well familiar with Spanish culture, so they have a chance to get acquainted with this culture during a real communication with its culture
holders. Most of the youngsters who will take part in this project never had the opportunity to travel abroad and from the Armenian side they had never had the opportunity to take part in international projects and communicate with someone from another cultural group. This project can give them an opportunity to give life to their ideas, and so we have transmitted it to support them in this initiative. Both organizations’ main field of expertise is cultural promotion and active citizenship of youngsters, so this project meets the needs of both the participants and partner organizations. The overall aim of the exchange is that both the youth of our city as the partner country could experience another culture, another language and other customs, playful and non-formal, as well as promoting the social skills necessary for a good relationship between participants, making it fruitful, decisive and important for their future, both professional (for the opportunity to learn another language, other possibilities, work or study options, the option to acquire contacts that may be useful to them in the future, etc.) and personal (by the possibility of meeting other people who otherwise could not have known and to discover their own skills that otherwise would not know).  The project theme chosen is dance, where Armenian and Spanish participants can share their traditional dances with each other. They are going to learn a few Armenian traditional dances together with their history, what these dances include, how are connected with Armenian nation, what the movements mean etc. At the same time Spanish participants will share Spanish dances with their history and meaning. The participants will also have a space to create a mix of Armenian and Spanish dance. It’s going to be a battle dance, which the participants are going to implement in  Spain. This project can be an opportunity also for them to get to know about Erasmus+ projects. There will be a performance scene, including Armenian and Spanish youngsters, At the end of the performance there will be a unity dance where Armenian and Spanish participants will present to the public an International dance of Unity, including Spanish and Armenian traditional dances, as a key of reunion and key of unity of the youth from these countries.
The specific objectives are:
– Promote cultural dialogue among young people.
– Develop skills in culture – Increase their awareness of social issues and inclusion
– To familiarize the visit or group with the customs and lifestyles of Armenian and Spanish society.
– Giving young people the possibility to meet other life and customs different from their own.
– Increase the social skills of the participants and their self-esteem and decision making ability.
– Introduce the skills needed for a possible way out of the country to young people, through contact with another country.
– Learn to work in teams, learn dialogue and exchange with other young people on the issue to try and get useful
conclusions for their life
– Actively take part in social issues of their local communities
-promotion of non-formal educational method

The project will have a great impact on the youth learning and key competencies, which they’ll use for their future development and for self expression. The participants will return to their hometowns and share their feelings with their friends and surrounding. It will make them much more interested in the ways of participation, how it’s possible to be actively involved in such kind of European programs. At the same time it will increase the awareness of Erasmus+ programs.
We also aim that the participants become more open minded about people/youngsters from other countries, and so read this state of mind to their own youth organizations. This project is the best platform to combine all the European values and cultural awareness in one place. The project will have an impact on the participants developing tolerance, creativity, team building, public speaking skills, healthy life style skills, will help them to design their healthy daily life, cultural identity, unity, diversity.
This exchange will give them a skills to develop their professional skills, which can later use in their professional development, as a start of international experience. The participants will get to know different traditions, will make new friends, will promote European values and will develop European cooperation. The project will have a big impact on youth making them active in their local community, will engage them in active life and will develop skills of organizing their daily life in a useful manner. European cooperation is another impact on youth through this project. So youth will meet, will pass through this international experience and will develop cooperation for their future projects together, based on their interests. We are planning workshops on inter-cultural learning in order to give a rather multicultural dimension of the exchange. Thus, we plan to connect it with the European context and to put an accent to the question of active European citizenship.

So the project will have a big impact on:
-Raising cultural awareness among the youngsters
-Promoting EU values
-Promoting Erasmus+ project
-Participation in social life in their local communities
-more active participation in society
-greater understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity
-increasing language competencies
-better understanding of interconnections between formal, non-formal education
Equal opportunities for all young people is certainly a common European value; as well as respecting differences and tolerance.
Through the constitutions of the participants, and the planned activities, this project surely promotes these values.

There will be 26 participants from different cultural background, youngsters with fewer opportunities. The young people with whom we work on this project are mostly teenagers with problems such as low self-esteem, lack of personality, problems at their families, victims of domestic violence, low income, limited opportunities, etc.

There will be
-Team Building Activities
-Fears and Expectations Validation
-City Games -Erasmus Promotional Outdoor Activities
-Dance Education
-Cultural Education
-Intercultural Nights
-Study Visit
-Visits to local NGO’s organizing dance events
-Outdoor performance
-Workshops about prejudice, stereotypes
-Informal communication
-Daily Evaluations
-Leisure Time
-Space to show their leadership and organizational skills, etc.

APPLICATION LINK: https://b24-zh51xm.bitrix24.site/crm_form_3bw7o/


4 Thoughts to “YE in Spain”

  1. Anush Babayan

    Dear admission comity.
    It is a great honor for me to introduce myself to your project .
    My name is Anush Babayan. I am a third year student Yerevan State University . My specialty is journalism. When I knew about your program I began to be interested in it, I think, that it is a splendid opportunity to study abroad and make knowledge deeper.
    At first it was a dream for me to go to foreign country, but now it is my goal. I will try hard to achieve it at any cost. It will be interesting to get acquainted with foreigners, to visit many places and have an idea about the cultural differences between our countries.
    Another reason is that I really want to improve my skills in English as well as learn. I enjoy discovering and learning different cultures.
    From the childhood I am enthusiastic and passionate to my dreams and decisions. I am a good mixer and easygoing. According to my friends I am cheerful, optimistic and responsible. As I am an ambitious person my circle of interests is wide. It also helped me to develop my spirit of teamwork and communication skills which played a crucial role for me.
    I am sure that this program will help me to become a good specialist and my horizon for life will be expanded. I am convinced that taking part this program will be a wonderful opportunity for me. And I will study hard not just for me and my future but also for the sake of my country, as I want to be useful and supportive as much as I can.
    I assure that you will not get disappointed in me and I believe that I can make considerable contribution to this exchange program.
    I am looking forward to your positive response. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to know more information. With many thanks for your attention.

  2. Nona

    I would like to participate)

  3. Nona

    I would like to participate and gain new knowledge

  4. Nona

    I would like to participate and gain new knowledge)✅❤️

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