Participating in the Erasmus+ international program in Poland with the topic of MYTH was an enriching and unforgettable experience. The program brought together participants from five countries—Armenia, Poland, Turkey, Greece, and Italy—creating a vibrant and diverse cultural exchange.

The setting in Poland provided a perfect backdrop for exploring the rich tapestry of myths from each participating country. Through workshops, discussions, activities and collaborative projects, we delved into the mythology and folklore that define our respective cultures, finding both unique differences and surprising similarities.

Engaging with peers from different cultural backgrounds broadened our perspective and deepened our understanding of how myths shape societal values and traditions. This cross-cultural dialogue fostered mutual respect and appreciation, highlighting the importance of preserving and celebrating our cultural heritage.

Moreover, the program’s activities were not only educational but also highly interactive and enjoyable. From storytelling sessions, energizers and intercultural events to theatrical performances, each moment was filled with learning and creativity.

Overall, the Erasmus+ program in Poland was a transformative experience that enhanced our intercultural competence, enriched our knowledge of mythology, and created lasting friendships with participants from around the world!

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