Date: 01/04/2023 – 08/04/2023

Location: Belgium

Working language: English

Project name: LET’S TALK ABOUT IT

Project Description + objective

What concerns us as young people? Which taboos should we be talking about more openly? Come together with European youngsters to think about what insecurities and challenges concern youngsters. How easy is it for young Europeans of diverse origins to talk
about subjects like this? What if we took up the challenge to talk about this with each other? Even better: what if we made art about this
together? Film, image, music, theatre… anything is possible if we put our minds to it. During this international exchange project, we will host two other groups from Europe in Belgium and bring them together with a group of Belgian youngsters to discuss/dissect/break taboos that young people are concerned with these days. We will do this in collaboration with a media or culture house. In a playful and creative way we will explore what cultural differences we encounter when it comes to taboos and what themes we have in common as young people within Europe. During this project we will work towards an artistic end product, but the main focus of this project is non-formal learning and the personal learning process that the participants will go through during this week.


  • Youngsters born between 2005 – 2007
  • 10 participants+ 2 group leaders

Application Link

Application Deadline: February 1

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