This Youth Exchange has the objective to engage and empower young people to become active citizens, connect them to the European project as well as to help them acquire and develop competences for life and their professional future. The project will take place in Abovyan Armenia and following countries will be involved: Romania, Lebanon, Spain, Armenia. More specifically, ‘’VVEGO ON’’ aims to: -Foster intercultural dialogue and learning and feeling of being European – Develop skills and attitudes of young people – Strengthen European values and breaking
down prejudices and stereotypes – Raise awareness about the relevant topic and thus stimulate engagement in society and active participation. – Will develop more open, active and creative attitudes among young people – Will identify existing opportunities and possibilities – Will learn about enormous role of young people – Will develop and improve life prospects in nowadays realities of changing Europe The aim of the activities are: – promoting European citizenship and European values based on non-formal education, thus promoting also non formal education. -promoting diversity and team building -promoting green skills, thus taking care about the environment and it’s sustainability -Promotion of veganism, thus saving the animal.

The main idea of the project is to involve youngsters who have faced problems such as being refused or not accepted by the society because of being vegans who take strict diets or worry about the animals’ lives. During the project they can take an action and have an active role in the life of their communities and new skills and knowledge, increasing their ability to make their own ideas into projects to solve the common problems in their communities. The project will have a big lifetime impact on the participants, as after the project they will carry on the idea of involving their
local community into this global change and make steps to enrich the variety of vegan recipes and make the vegan people’s life easier in their countries. The project going to take place is to make known the main global problems that people face because of being the minority in their communities. It will be the first step they will take to make a big change raising their voices and taking action to involve communities by giving them knowledge and providing them with new opportunities. The main outcome of the project is to create a web platform, basically it is planned to be the website, which we’re going to create ourselves during the project. We will have sections for the platform: -Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes from different countries: -Useful information about veganism and vegetarianism -Where to find vegan food, which restaurants and cafes have such offer in their menus in each country. During the project we will also create ways how to promote this platform and how to add more information about other nations’ vegan/vegeterian cuisine to this platform and how to spread it. The page will have the logo of Erasmus+ project, to ensure the visibility of the project. So in order to achieve this we have planned several activities, mentioned in the activities section All the above mentioned could be reached thanks to activities, workshops and discussions which the participants are going to do before, during and even after the project. They will be involved in activities such as communication with strangers, and discovering old national vegan foods which are forgotten. The project will promote healthy lifestyles through using and not wasting ecologically clean food. The participants will learn about the traditional meals and cultures of different countries and also spread it in their communities. This will bring up the awareness of people to make old and cultural meals known all over the world. What is our goal: – To promote the compassion of not losing the traditional vegan meals of the nations – To encourage people to cut out bad habits not to make damage to the environment – To give knowledge about global health problems known because of wasting food – To help them reduce food waste and take a healthy lifestyle – To encourage them to raise their voices about being more health conscious – To create the responsibility of being initiative to bring change in their society.

There will be 7 participants and 1 group leader from each country. The age group of the participants varies from 18-25. The preference will be given to people from rural areas as we had generated ideas to integrate them in the social activities in their communities before and even after the project. The selection of the participants for the YE will be done through an open call online. Each candidate shall fill an application form, where she/he has to write a motivation letter in its own language + write a short text (a summary) of their idea in English in order to test their linguistic
competence. However their English level will not effect on the selection. It will be mainly for organising linguistic preparation if necessary A competitive selection, during which the candidates should express a more detailed opinion on the YE topic, can be done at the discretion of each partner. However selection will be done on non discriminative and transparency bases. The participants should be chosen by the following criterias:

– People who are interested in vegan and healthy lifestyle

– People who have faced social problems being strict diet keepers.

– People who like to take part in environmental activities

– People who will be eager to organize Erasmus+ promotional activities at schools and universities

– People who will take workshops and interactive events about Erasmus+ promotion in their communities

– Interested in the topic of this Youth Exchange

– Strongly motivated and available to participate in the preparation and follow-up activities

– Gender balance shall be guaranteed as much as possible (non discriminated selection regardless of their race religion,gender,etc





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