Success Story: “Find your Ikigai”

Words are not enough to describe all the emotions, all the positive impact I had during this project, it was an 8 days training course in Czech Republic and i was a delegate from Armenia.

The training course was held in Czech Republic, in Blansko, the main topic was “Find your Ikigai”
It is a Japanese concept which means finding what you really like to do in this life, what motivates you to get out of bed every day.

We have learned how to create our own business plan, using marketing and project management tools, I have learned a lot about financial literacy, about presentation skills, about my hard skills and soft skills,  I met a lot of great people from different countries with whom these 8 days were just perfect, we were sharing our ideas very similar and different at the same time, we became a family, played different games, did group workshops, had a Hackathon night during which we were working 24 hours on our business plans and making a presentation for the next day. We had deep bonfire talks also the last night which I am going to remember forever. It was really hard to leave them and the beautiful venue. But I am sure we will meet again someday, somewhere in the world😊

I am very motivated to use all the skills and knowledge that I have got during this project to make my idea and my dream come true.

This was my first Erasmus+ experience, but definitely not the last one. I am very happy that I had the chance to take part on this amazing project and hope that will have another opportunities in future.


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