Our participants share their thoughts about the YE in Georgia, which was held in May and the topic was AfterCovidLife – Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Empowerment and Recovery. Just read and get motivated.

Lilit Babayan

The project met my expectations fully. It gave me new emotions and experience, skills and freshness. I was given an opportunity to meet and befriend interesting individuals from different countries and of different nationalities and got to know their lifestyles, customs, views and opinions on various topics both connected and not connected to the exchange program topic.
Our team got a chance to represent our country and culture, spread awareness on important issues and evoke interest to visit and explore our country.
I created relationships and connections that will live beyond the limits of the project and always remind me of the wonderful project I was part of.

Lilit Yedigaryan

This program gave me a huge life experience, unforgettable emotions and moments that I will never forget.
I am thankful for the people I met throughout this program. Especially I’m thankful for Armenian participants who have become an inseparable part of my life, I can not imagine my future life without them.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, which gave me more than I could have imagined.

Milena Barseghyan

It was my first Erasmus+ project and never can repeat again. I was very delightful during 9 days and my whole impression depended on the people who surrounded me.
Armenian team members were real road-friends, I could never imagine the trip with such kind of supportive and organized friends and I can call them achievements for life.
And also NGO staff always kept in touch and took care of us.

It was great opportunity to meet people with various customs and culture, get acquainted with their country and discuss with them not only project topics but also I can prove that we exactly exchanged plenty of ideas.

After presentation of Armenian culture, history, cuisine and so on, our beloved French friend Giom was so impressed that immediately booked the ticket to Armenia. I feel like I did something useful for my country and started to think about that kind of instant decisions.

Madlen Minasyan

My participation in this program gave me the opportunity to present my own ideas and suggestions during the sessions. I gained knowledge and found people who wanted to collaborate and shared my personal ideas. I heard the opinion of others on various issues and I believe that such programs are the best way to combine different ideas, implement exchange programs, and get to know more about the individual elements from different countries: dialect, culture, local thinking, issues of interest.

Susanna Grigoryan

This Erasmus program was so special for me! We had an amazing Armenian team and had so much fun together even before the start of the project, when we were exploring the beautiful Tbilisi. Then we met so many interesting people whom we can call friends now and even recently met one of them in Armenia (but that’s another story). We spent a lot of crazy, informative and just fun days in Bakuriani, which was showing its hospitality and various weather changes even during this short time. Also we got motivated from each other and gained new skills, which will come in handy for sure!

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