Participation in the “ScribersHive” TC in Greece was a great opportunity and an unforgettable experience for the three of us. During our time in Greece, we learned about European and migrant culture from the inside and the outside, as the project was taking place in a neighborhood in Athens, where the issues of migrants were quite visible.

No other city could depict the migration issues to such an extent as Athens did, the city of refugees.

There is no other city like Athens, everything starts here: starting from the sunny bluish sky, ending with the pleasant welcoming people.

Being back we miss not only the city, but also the various neighborhoods and cultural peculiarities of each corner of the city.

Meeting new people from different counties, such as Armenia, Greece, the UK, Jordan, Ukraine and Romania, gave us a chance to learn more about their countries, history, cultural differences, and some similarities.

Thanks to the intercultural evening, daily acitivies and interpersonal communication we got to know each other better and work on various projects quite productively.

This was also a chance to share our culture with them and present our country, national food, dances and music in their best.

The project helped us to develop our filmmaking, podcasting and communication skills as during the project we did a lot of activities, such as making podcasts, films and doing it in different multicultural groups made us also develop our intercultural communication skills and know each other better and better.

What seemed hard in the beginning, became quite easy with the right guidance.

Most importantly, we are greatful to the FIOH NGO for this opportunity. If not FIOH NGO, we would not have created the Armenian “trio”.
FIOH gifted us with opportunity to study, travel and make new friends from all over the world, and we are also very happy for the true friendship it formed between the Armenian group members.

We are also very happy to see that FIOH NGO gives opportunities to those who are not members of the NGO. Projects like this create a platform for mutual understanding, give opportunity to represent the communities we come from, to learn about different people’s backgrounds and address social issues in real time.

Now, after training course, we are excited to share our experience and knowledge gained in the project with the young people in Armenia, and especially with the representatives of rural communities and national minorities.

We are looking forward to meeting our friends in the 2nd part of the project and review the project results with them in London.