I am Agapi, I am 24 years old. I started volunteering in March 2020 in Canakkale, Turkey. Unfortunately this period coincides with the quarantine caused by Coronavirus and I had to stay at home.

This was the most stressful moment for me, I thought it was pointless to come here, everything was in vain. But then I started thinking “what to do?”

Of course, it was difficult to sit at home every day thinking about what to do to be effective. And here I realize that this was the best that could have happened to me.

At first, I started planning courses by choosing a topic; planning it according to the schedule, games, topics, as a result I had three courses planned, which I provided to KOZA Youth Association for further use.

I started researching certain computer programs, such as After effects, Adobe Premiere, etc. This gave me the opportunity to make an animated film showing the sights of the city. This was a new platform for me, as I had never studied special computer programs before. At the same time, I started learning Turkish and I was able to master the language in a short period of time.

This was the first stage that started to inspire me, I realized that volunteering in Turkey was not in vain.

Summer was coming everything was changing. We could already leave the house and the actions were transferred to another platform, new friends, acquaintances, and people around me were waiting for me. Although there were still restrictions, it did not stop me from getting acquainted with some young Turks, making a video with their participation, where they recite an Armenian poem.

Since I had not been able to get acquainted with the sights of Canakkale, this was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the city. I visited many places, got acquainted with the culture, tasted the delicious local meals. Now everything is more than good.

As I was able to develop my writing skills during the quarantine, I also started writing an ESC volunteer program proposal, which was changed and finalized as a result of working with the association director.

We had a new local volunteer; on whose initiative we made a video that answered some questions about ESC volunteering.