This APV took place in Marrakesh, Morocco from Sept 1st to Sept 4th, 2022, where group leaders hosted by Mediterranean Foum For Social Development Morocco discussed together the details for the upcoming project to make it better. Marrakesh is set in a beautiful environment with impressive number of masterpieces of architecture and art. Leaders also had the opportunity to discover the city and culture.

The upcoming project is called “Let’s dance together”, which is going to take place in Austria by gathering together youngsters from Austria, Amenia, Croatia, Morocco, Spain and Ukraine. Here is a little bit about the project and importance of the topic.

Dance can contribute to peacebuilding as it is creating opportunities for nonverbal, embodied learning as well as exploring identity, and relationships. In this youth exchange, we are using dance as a tool for getting to know the unknown, as a universal language of communication and a tool for inclusion and social change. Across the world and through the history, dance has been a central feature of human behaviour and culture for all religions, societies and ethnic groups. Dancing is part of a tradition all over the world, and dancing helps groups and communities stay and work together – to communicate, to bond and to feel part of the whole. Just as there is an infinite variety in dance forms, there is an infinite variety of people. Dancing is a shared collective experience. Dance connects us through music and movement.

The aim of this youth exchange is to unite participants through dance, to make them re-think diversity and recognize the elements that unite us. Together with young people from Austria, Amenia, Croatia, Morocco, Spain and Ukraine, we are promoting human rights, social interaction and intercultural dialogue through dance and advocate social changes. We are using dance as a way of communicating, creating a dialogue with the local community, expressing ideas and emotions, breaking language barriers and
stereotypes, respond to challenges in the society and also enjoying life.

Participants will be encouraged to share their dancing techniques, teach traditional dances, share their stories, present their country, give ideas. We will be using different non-formal education methods (group work, discussion, simulations, brainstorming, world cafe, creating videos and other visual materials about the youth exchange and of course dancing) and we will make sure that every participant will get a chance to participate.