TOPIC:“GENDERTOPIA : The dream of a more equal society”
DATES: 18/5-26/5-2024


The project GENDERTOPIA: the dream of a more equal society has the goal to increase the knowledge of 30 young participants on the problem of gender inequality and to dotate them with instruments and skills in order to be able to promote gender equality in their local areas. Gender inequality is nowadays a big problem in our society, and sometimes young people are not keen about it, as they are not well informed about this issue. To reduce gender inequality it is crucial that youngsters take actions against it in their communities. The project GENDERTOPIA: the dream of a more equal society will raise the awareness on gender equality on a group of 30 young people, helping them in finding solutions to some problems like prejudices, injustices and inequality that are affecting our society and that are creating a gender-gap which needs to be taken into account.


The activities that will be implemented during the project are:
– workshop on gender equality
– interactive games on gender inclusion
– engaging activities on how to use a more fair communication
– analyses on the gender inequality situation in the european countries
– ice breaking games
– debates on gender balance in our societies
– debates on the gap between men and women in our society


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Deadline: April 15.