Hi, I’m Satenik, I’m here to share with you my volunteering experience in Poland. I always wanted to be a volunteer, live in a foreign country but I was hesitating to apply. Finally last year I applied to the program of European Solidarity Corps and was selected from the first attempt. Now when I look back I realize that it was one of the right decisions of my life. Being a volunteer it’s not only about job, skills or knowledge, but also about friends, travelling and fun. This project gave me a comprehensive experience including all aspects of life. One year being far from my family and friends I discovered myself, my strong and weak sides, revalued some of my principles and values. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries, have a cultural exchange, to travel in several European countries and make friends as well. Before I thought I was a tolerant person but after this project I’ve become much more. Of course sometimes it was difficult to deal with cultural/national differences, different lifestyles and mindset but during time I could understand and accept that differences. This project changed me a lot (in a good way), it gave me thousands of happy and meaningful moments that I’ll keep in my memory forever. Now I can say that in one year you can live a life of several years!
Special thanks to my sending organization FIOH (Future in Our Hands) for supporting and always being next to me during the project.