We participated in a YE project called “Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur” in Poland to develop our skills related to marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship is not just an occupation. It’s a mindset, and it teaches you to think critically and turn each situation into an opportunity. Thus, having that entrepreneurial mindset can be helpful for everyone regardless of what profession or job they have. We all are entrepreneurs as we are “selling” our skills, knowledge, and expertise every day. 

During the course, we gained lots of knowledge about different entrepreneurial topics, such as public speaking, idea generation, graphic design, video shooting and editing, CV writing, and more. We also had a chance to work in international teams to develop our business ideas. We practiced our skills of turning an idea into a viable business plan by using the Business Canvas model. We also discussed branding and advertising, as well as had a chance to create logos for our projects and shoot promotional videos.   

Gaining important and useful knowledge was only one part of what we got from the project. We had many opportunities to communicate with people from different nationalities and make friends. There were participants also from Spain, Czechia, Georgia, Poland, and Albania. As we were participating in cultural evenings every day, we got a solid grasp of other participants’ cultures, traditions, and languages. It helped us understand each other better, bond over things we had in common, and discuss our differences and national characteristics. We believe that cultural exchange is one of the most influential and engaging parts of such projects. 

Lastly, there can’t be a youth exchange without traveling adventures. For us, it was full of discoveries from architecture and art to culture and the dark pages of world history. The pieces of art displayed at the Silesian museum can keep you wandering there for hours. Furthermore, we were blown away by the beauty of Polish architecture. Churches were dazzling both inside and outside. Old towns resembled places described in fairytales. It was a pure joy to walk on the narrow streets that were full of colorful little houses, and each building was a unique masterpiece. 

We can surely say that this project made us “richer” in terms of knowledge, friends, and some of the best memories of our lives. 

One Thought to “SUCCESS STORY: YE in Poland”

  1. Areg Musinyan

    Hello, my name is Areg I’m studing marketing and commerce in French University in Armenia and I’m very interested in business and entrepreneurship as my profession is related with that sphere that lets me being motivated getting most needed knowlegde for my future plans. I hope I could participate in this project and I will be very pleased.
    Thank you in advance.

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