The main inspiration why the project “EntreFUTUREship” was developed is the need to go deeper into exploring the connection between promoting entrepreneurial activities and empowering young people with fewer opportunities at risk of exclusion from labor market.

Profile of participants

-Age 18-25
-Able to communicate in English fluently
-Experienced Youth Workers or individuals who are interested in starting youth work
-Motivated to explore new ideas and methods regarding the topic of Social Entrepreneurship
-Participants with fewer opportunities (Social, economic, educational and geographical obstacles)
-Each partner organization will be represented by 3 participants

The objectives

1)To promote social entrepreneurship as a tool for youth empowerment;
2) To support the professional development of youth workers working with disadvantaged groups and youth with fewer opportunities;
3) To get to know best practices of successful social entrepreneurships that reduced the unemployment level and to provide participants with inspiration in the field;
4) To encourage entrepreneurship among young people by stimulating innovation and creativity;
5) To equip youth-workers and then youth organizations with, tools, methodologies, and techniques to develop projects on the promotion of social entrepreneurship;
6) To create network of like-minded individuals and organizations between EU(program countries) and EaP(partner countries)

Participating countries:
Czech Republic

For those who are interested can fill the form here: