Even from the first glance we were more than convinced that this project will unlock new skills, but it gave way too many things to us, what exactly?
It gave us connections like every businessman should have, make us trust each other, because in startups without trust you cannot make it go as much you will be eager to do it. But the foremost thing that it gave us enormous amount of knowledge.
This unique project united us for one mission, to make our own startup and make our first steps towards our future, the future which is in our hands, the future in which we will be the better versions of ourselves. We learnt to act with the great hope to success.
And we know that it’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day, but there will be dark days ahead of us and that when the hope will be needed the most, so we have finished this amazing project with the greatest hope to inspire others with our example, to teach them not to give up how lost they will feel.
Thank to our mentors for introducing us to financial world through games, and entertaining events, which made our learning process even more joyful.
Special thanks to «Future in our hands» NGO and our organizations for gathering 31 impressive individuals and making our trip unforgettable