DATES: 16th to 23rd November 2019
ARRIVING DAY:16th November 2019
DEPARTURE DAY: 23rd November 2019
VENUE:Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Poland


Participating Countries

Poland-Ukraine- Italy- Georgia-Spain-Armenia

“Face to Face (F2F)” is an opportunity for young people to come to Poland and to get involved in the discussion about a topic that attracts every young person: social networks and technology. While doing so, youngsters will have the chance of developing their sense of criticism and entrepreneurship and improve sense of tolerance and empathy to wards each other.
The development of new technologies has a part on the reason why most young people are not leaving their homes and cease to participate in social life.

These leads us to question ourselves:
How big of an influence virtual world has in young people’s lives? How big is the risk of putting personal information on the web? What about the positive side of social networks?Is there a positive?
It is clear to see that young people are living in two worlds – the real one and a virtual one – which may be a reason why nowadays it’s so hard to establish personal contacts with other people. Can it be because life created in the virtual world is easier and more attractive?
We want to discuss this matters with our peers, as these are some of the issues which are very personal for us and have direct or inderect impact in our lives. We are living in the era of the so called “fake News”, of growing populism and radicalism, which spreads in a very easy way through the internet. We all know cases – or perhaps some of us have been through- cyberbullying or any other internet danger or risk. How aware are we about them? Or, should this be a reason to be aware at all?



We believe that we can share knowledge and get better educated on such important topics, which can also allow us to make a better usage of the “net”.

For that reason, the goals of our project are:

-Discuss with peers the pros and cons of social networks;
-Confront ourselves with the benefits of the real world while compared with virtual reality;
-Learn how to express personal opinions and to be critical;
-Learn to use the network and new technologies safely;
-Develop soft skills (group work, communication skills, creativity, and responsibility);
-Encourage the learning of foreign languages;
-Raise awareness to European projects and dissemination of EU values among young people;
-Motivating young people to participate in formal and non-formal education;
-Increasing media literacy;
-Promote intercultural dialogue;
-Develop sense of tolerance and inclusion among youngsters.



Send your CV and Motivation letter to with the title F2F .