Volunteering at Radiofabrik


Duration: 01.07.2019-30.06.2020


Radiofabrik is Salzburg’s Community Radio – that means independent, non-commercial, non-profit orientated and with free and public access for everyone to the opportunity of broadcasting. It offers a platform to different people, especially to those who don’t have a voice in other media because of social, racist, sexist or other kind of discrimination. Our aim is to encourage civil society, the communication between cultures and generations and the equality of the sexes.


Your tasks:
The volunteer can learn a lot about radio journalism, moderation and radio techniques. She/he will be a part of the team, especially of the editorial staff. After the time working here she/he will be able to make an own radio program and get an insight in and an overview over the work of an (non commercial) radio station (and also of an institution, that carries out many projects).

What you should bring in: 
The volunteer should have technical interest and interest in radio. She/he should be motivated for creating own inputs for the radio, work independently and be creative. The technical knowledge that is necessary for broadcasting is imparted in workshops. Radiofabrik is very open to host volunteers who do not have any experience in media yet! You will have the possibility to learn everything from the beginning!

Send CV and Motivation Letter to volunteering.salzburg@akzente.net with CC to fiohapplications@gmail.com with the title “Volunteering at Radiofabrik”.


Volunteering at MARK.freizeit.Kultur


Duration: 01.09.2019-28.02.2020

MARK started its work as a youth center more than 40 years ago. Today MARK is much more than a youth center! At Mark you can find concerts and art exhibitions, a silkscreen printing workshop, a bike workshop, an open wardrobe where everybody can bring and take free cloths, vegan meals and much more. MARK is also publishing an own magazine and a radio show.


Your tasks:
You support the team of MARK at their various tasks. You help organizing different events, take care of the guests (mainly youngsters and young adults up to 30 years), do some organizational tasks and some office work. Still there are so many other different things you can do at MARK! It depends more or less on your own interests.

What you should bring in:
If you are open minded, motivated to bring yourself in and motivated to learn, then you are the perfect candidate!
As many youth and culture centers MARK’s opening hours are mainly from Tuesday to Saturday in the late afternoon and in the evening. Therefore we are searching for somebody for whom it is okay to work during the evening and also on Saturdays.


Send CV and Motivation Letter to  booking@marksalzburg.at  with CC to fiohapplications@gmail.com with the title “Volunteering at MARK”



Volunteering at Corner Salzburg

Duration: 01.09.2019-30.06.2020

The youth and culture centre “CORNER” in the city district of Itzling has been founded in 1998 with the support of the city council of Salzburg. Together with the local young people the centre has been designed, created and partly adapted. In the year 1999, our youth centre has been inaugurated and since then we are trying to offer our youth an interesting programme and cultural events. The centre considers itself a meeting place and shelter for 13 to 19 year old youngsters.


Your tasks:
The volunteer will be a support for our team. You will take part in team meetings, help with administraion and project related work but most of all you will spend time with our youngsters and join/prepare/implement activities with and for them.


What you should bring in:
We welcome the volunteer bringing in his/her own ideas for projects or activities which can be developed during the “general youth centre times”. Basic knowledge of German or English and of computing would be useful. Flexibility and motivation to work with young people would be great. As Youthcenter Corner has more male than female employees they would like to host a female volunteer to ensure gender balance.


Send CV and Motivation Letter to   buero@corner-salzburg.at with CC to fiohapplications@gmail.com with the title “Volunteering at Corner”

Volunteering at KECK – Salzburger Kinderfreundinnen und Kinderfreunde



Duration: 01.09.2019-31.08.2020

Österreichische Kinderfreunde is one of the biggest family organisations in Austria dealing with leisure time projects for children and youngsters and educational work on family tasks for parents and adults. Main part of the regional work are camps and daytime-activities during the school holidays, mobile social-cultural project work with play buses on public areas, playing fields, sports projects for youth connected with drug prevention and integrational activities with refugee children and immigrants.

Your tasks:
Regular activities are teenager afternoons in the local youth centre, playing games with the youngsters as well as the seniors in the retirement home, playing ground animation, cooking together (in winter), children’s newspaper & radioshow, different excursions (mostly in the city of Salzburg), sports, outdoor activities, working at the local community garden, intercultural evenings/weeks etc.


What you should bring in: 
The volunteer should be interested in working with children between 5 and 15. Former eduction in social work is of course not required as it is more important to us that the volunteer is confident with working with youngsters who may face social obstacles or come from a migrational background.

Send CV and Motivation Letter to   projekt.keck@sbg.kinderfreunde.at with CC to fiohapplications@gmail.com with the title ”Volunteering at KECK – Kinderfreunde”