• DATES: June – December 202 3


Europe cannot afford wasted talent, social exclusion, and youth disengagement. Therefore EPVP 4.0 project provides youngsters
with opportunities to engage in solidarity actions, and act for the benefit of the community as active citizens while gaining valuable experience and competencies and improving their future employability.

  1. Thus, the project focuses on:
    Increasing social inclusion chances and providing equal
    opportunities for 8 NEET youngsters from EU, EaP and Western
    Balkan region by involving them in COSI’s activities, supporting
    them to become active and responsible citizens, and equipping
    them with new competences.
  2. Implementing monthly raise awareness campaigns according
    to the UN calendar:
    -Promoting active citizenship, sense of solidarity,
    -Promoting Human rights, respect for diversity and tolerance,
    inclusion, and tolerance; and combating stereotypes and
    prejudices, discrimination.
  3. Improving the standards of life and supporting the social
    inclusion of disadvantaged youngsters in Bucharest and Ilfov by
    organising Humanitarian Aid initiatives;
  4. Promoting E+, ESC and EYE programs among Romanian
    young NEETs and supporting their participation in the programs.

Local Activities

Each month, COSI team will choose a topic according to the UN Calendar, with and for the local youth in Bucharest, related to: human rights, solidarity, volunteering, active citizenship, inclusion, intercultural acceptance, tolerance, etc.. Within each campaign, we will organise min. 7 activities such as events, workshops, training, content creation of videos, posters, booklet, brochures, etc.
Each campaign foresees:

-research about the chosen topic;
-understanding of the problem in Romania through the Problem
-Tree methodology;
-SMART objectives;
-brainstorming of activities;
-planning of each activity;
-implementation of activities;
-evaluation of the campaign.

3 Promotional workshops of ESC and Erasmus+
The volunteers will share their ESC experience, promote the Programs and COSI’s opportunities for min. 50 young participants in faculties and high-schools.
8 inter-cultural evenings
In order to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity, each volunteer will organise an intercultural evening in which to show dances, traditional food, curiosities, etc. of their country.
2 Humanitarian Aid initiatives
During one or more campaigns, we will collect clothes, food, hygiene products, school supplies and other necessary benefits to be
distributed to disadvantaged youth in collaboration with our local partners who provide urgent aid and long-term inclusion support for homeless individuals, disadvantaged families, orphanages, and others.

International Activities

Volunteers will be involved in COSI’s ongoing Erasmus+ and ESC projects.

Volunteers will organize pre-departure training for young people that COSI will send to ESC projects abroad, by providing support, information and sharing their experience.

Erasmus+ Coordinating
The volunteers will coordinate the Romanian teams that COSI will send in projects abroad. Particularly, they will share the call for participants, take care of the selection process, manage and prepare logistical aspects (insurance, travel tickets, intercultural evenings, etc.), keep communication with the participants, collect feedback and dissemination content. Usually, COSI is engaged (as partner/supporting NGO) in approx. 10 projects per year, involving around 50 Romanian participants, with focus on NEETs.

Erasmus+ Implementation
During EPVP 4.0, COSI will organize 2 Erasmus+ projects in Bucharest.
The volunteers will be involved in the implementation of all the project’s steps (project management, logistic arrangements, selection of participants, preparation of materials, stationery, etc.). During the mobility, they will be divided in teams, taking care of the communication with the hotel staff, creating content and posting pictures for the dissemination, facilitating activities, preparing coffee breaks, etc. Besides their tasks, the volunteers will be part of the activities even if not as official participants.

Project grants
All volunteers will have the chance to learn how to write a project grant and apply with grant proposals or a business plan to join the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program afterwards.



-NEET (Not in Employment, Education, Training) youngsters, conventionally
unemployed, opportunity-seekers, available to commit for the full duration of the
-Committed to promote Human rights, sense of solidarity, inter-cultural dialogue,
volunteering and active citizenship and to reduce stereotypes/prejudices, racism,
discrimination, social inequality, poverty;
-Keen to develop within a multi-cultural environment;
-Motivated to acquire project management/writing, ICT and social media
proficiency and events organizing skills;
-Able to impact COSI development and the community with passion and civic
-Curious about Romanian, EU, EaP and Western Balkan cultural diversity;
At least conversational level of English.

Please fill in the application form: https://bit.ly/3AGgzJc
Deadline: 10 May