• DATES: 2023-2024
  • VENUE: Lithuania Vilnius and Trakai

This project connects international long-term volunteers and their hosting organizations in Lithuanian cities (Vilnius and Trakai). While coordinating international volunteering projects “Europos savanoriu tarnybos asociacija Saltes”, as an organization, has established good and long-lasting relationships with hosting organizations in Lithuania, that want to continue their work with international volunteers, and keep on hosting new ones. We see the value in this project, because both hosting organizations and volunteers will have the possibility to enhance their skills informally, gain new skills, learn to collaborate better, be more tolerant, be responsible citizens, share experiences, and enhance intercultural competencies.

Opportunity 1: SOS Children’s Village

SOS Family Strengthening Program supports disadvantaged families at risk of separation by bolstering their capacity to protect and care for their children. SOS Children’s Village hopes to help families to learn to look after themselves so that they can live independently in the long term. Only in this way can we ensure that children are not left out and that they grow up in their families. 25 children on average have an opportunity to visit our Day Care Centre every working day. Here they can do homework, play, interact, participate in group activities, and attend cooking lessons. If it is necessary, children are also provided with psychological consultations, and an emotional expression strategy is applied.
Dates: May 2023 – May 2024

Opportunity 2: Pirmary school “Patirčių slėnis”

The primary school is looking for a long-term (12 months) volunteer. The school provides primary education for children in the city of Trakai from 7 to 11 years old kids. The foreseen activities for the volunteer are the following: helping with everyday life and routine in school – participation in educational processes, hiking trips, excursions, etc. Our school values the possibility to personally know and cocreate with a person from the other country as well as the possibility to indirectly know another culture and country with its similarities and differences. The possibility to practically practice English and other languages is also very valuable. The volunteer could share personal talents and hobbies like playing musical instruments, drawing, or playing chess. It is important that the volunteer has qualities of openness, and the ability to organize activities, cooperate and work independently.

Dates: Sept 2023 – Sept 2024

Opportunity 3: Kindergarten “Patirčių slėnis”

Kindergarten “Patirciu slenis” is looking for a long-term (12 months) volunteer. Kindergarten was established in 2016, it provides preschool education for children from 1 to 7 years old kids. Kindergarten offers daily activities for kids, as well as different events, actions, and workshops. Volunteers will be helping kindergarten teachers to implement different activities for kids and organize events, workshops, etc. The kindergarten is based on an outdoor Waldorf pedagogic which is why most of the activities are happening outdoors. The Volunteers will also have a space to implement his/her ideas, projects, and activities. Kindergarten is based in Trakai.

Dates: May 2023 – May 2024

Opportunity 4: Democratic school

Democratic School is an alternative private school for children aged 5- 15. The school aims to create an environment that addresses the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative needs of children. We hope the kids to be happy at school and cherish their childhood. The school environment motivates children to take responsibility for their learning process. This school is implementing principles of democratic education, such as weekly class meetings and later school meetings where the decisions are made together. This is a crucial part of our school. Focusing on learning to live like a community and make decisions together, to create a better environment for all. Democratic school is not limited only by lesson time, there are also non-formal education activities as well as free play time where kids have all freedom to create their games.
Dates: Sept 2023 – Sept 2024

Opportunity 5: Day care center “Šviesa”

Šviesa provides day social care services for 74 people with mental, intellectual, and complex disabilities from 18 years old. The day center is looking for 1 volunteer to help to implement different activities for people with disabilities. Volunteers will be invited to organize these activities together with social workers: music (individual, therapeutic activities, orchestra), theatre, ceramics, activities for people with severe disabilities, sports, a club for discussions, publishing monthly newsletter involving people with disabilities in this process, various events and festivals organized in the day center and outside the day center (in the city), trips and excursions to the old town and other parts of Vilnius, implementing the program for developing and consolidating social skills in a natural environment.
Dates: May/June 2023 – May/June 2024

Please fill in the application form: https://bit.ly/40p7nDh
The deadline is asap.
Note: Please, do not forget to mention in your motivation letter which opportunity you are interested in.