TOPIC: Resilient Youth
DATES: 4th – 10th July 2023
VENUE: Pamporovo, Bulgaria

The “Resilient Youth” project focuses on the improvement of the opportunities for the personal and professional realization of young people after the global pandemic, by building healthy habits, improving a culture of movement, and understanding the factors influencing all aspects of the physical, and spiritual and the emotional development of the individual.
Specific objectives:
1. To raise the awareness of young people /incl. those in disadvantaged positions/ in terms of how healthy lifestyles and sports affect the ability to adapt and cope with the challenges of the postCovid reality;
2. To promote a healthy lifestyle and sports as tools for social inclusion and professional realization;
3. To raise interest in the exercising of balanced nutrition, health practices, sports, and outdoor activities in response to the isolation, depression, insecurity, and phobias caused by the pandemic among young people;
4. To create a network of youth workers – multipliers of the idea of a healthy lifestyle as a means to creating physically and mentally resilient young people, capable to overcome a crisis.

Age: over 20 years;
Occupation: youth worker, NGO employee/leader, teacher, social worker, active volunteer, trainer/facilitator, university student, sports coach, and/or mentor;
Special requirements: experience and/or interest in the field of the current training and clearly stated motivation to participate and multiply what has been learned;
Language: English /min. spoken/;
Logistical requirements: to be present throughout the training according to the planned working days; to conduct and document at least one multiplier event related to the project topic.