“Humans for Humanities”

«Colors of emotions» I’m going to call our Erasmus project history by this name. Each day  was a new experience to get closer to myself and to get to know others as well.
This experience with the project gave me many questions that I feared to ask myself before. I’ve learned to divide what fillings truly serve me and what doesn’t serve me at all.
In the project we had a lot of activities, and I want to write briefly about one of our activities. In the beginning, our professor gave each participant a lemon, than he picked up all our lemons, mixed them and told us to choose our lemon from all the lemons. I made a mark on my lemon, so I could find mine easily, than he took back lemons again, covered our eyes with cloth and told us to find our lemons again.
This time it was extremely hard to find mine, and I spent all my energy and effort for an hour on that. In the last 3 minutes i stopped myself and realized that i just spent my whole energy and time for nothing, cause no matter which lemon is mine…it’s just a lemon and in the end I’ll drink a tea with it, and that’s it.  Sometimes in life we spend extremely much of our energy for things which are pointless and not worth it, so it’s better to keep our energy for things that really matter.
Couldn’t imagine that this project could offer me this much knowledge about myself, because if we know ourselves well, we can also understand others.

Going to a place where you know no one and nothing about seemed to be a challenge which is quite hard to meet. This was my first Erasmus+ experience and I was very excited and kind of afraid: what am I going to do? How am I going to behave, talk to total strangers from different cultures? It was very awkward at first, but then I got acquainted with those awesome people who will always be by my side with the warm memories and a thousand smiles we experienced together. Dealing with so different cultures was something unforgettable, I felt like I was traveling all around the world. I got so much knowledge during the trainings and lived a few of the best days of my life. I already miss everything connected with the project and looking forward to being a part of one of those amazing opportunities again.

A wonderful, lifetime experience and a chance to get to know people from different parts of the world. Meeting people with different cultures can be a bit intimidating at first, but thanks to Erasmus plus for the great opportunity, to let us know how similar we all human beings are, regardless of our countries, nationalities and languages. I got the chance to meet wonderful people and to be touched by the tenderness of their souls. I will cherish these wonderful memories for life and appreciate the new windows through which I can see the world after this great project!

I really appreciate the opportunity of taking part in the Erasmus+ project as it gave me an experience I would never otherwise have had. I got acquainted with new cultures, new people. I got much knowledge by seeing and feeling the atmosphere. I felt I was free, independent and I have a huge potential of being a better specialist. I did feel the impact on me as I started not being afraid of the future or making mistakes. I managed to clear my mind from negative thoughts, think differently and be a new person. Thank you FIOH and Erasmus+ for those life-changing days and memories.


The experience in the “Humans for Humanities” training course in Bakuriani has given me a lot. 

I have gained a lot of skills and competences as well, such as: ability to learn, creative thinking, finding my inner peace, etc. But the most important and worthwhile achievements for me from the TC are the meaningful connections and relationships that I have made with the people from different countries. We could exchange our happiness, sadness, emotions and sorrow together and share many touching and important moments from our lives. 

At first, I could not have imagined that this project would literally grow on me that much, but now I can say that I have established strong bonds and now I have some people as friends for life. Even the farewell was really hard for all of us, we were really excited and moved but we all knew that we would meet again and also visit each other and now I am more than sure about it. 

I just would really like to take the moment to appreciate the opportunities that life gives us. We need to fully enjoy each moment because it’s a unique opportunity to open your mind to a whole new world of learning opportunities and making valuable connections. Make as many interactions and meaningful moments as you can because that’s what matters most! 


 We are all in the same boat, in the same spaceship Earth in our voyage towards the future and we must make the world better: what happens in any part of it, to anybody who travels in it, affects all of us. Since we are all; and we are all the same person, the same human being. 

During the “Humans for Humanity training course I have been supported on how to make the world a better place, how I must begin to develop myself, have a skill for empathic communication, have the ability to communicate between different cultures and religions and how to build a sense of peace. The training methods stimulate me to think and make decisions outside of the box. The activities and games during the seminar were so fun and meanwhile instructive․ 

One of the best parts of the training was people and meaningful relationships which included mutual respect, trust, interest, and positive regard and made the other person feel valued. The key to making these relationships grow involved building on elements of honesty and finding commonalities, which I felt during those 10 days in Georgia.