Ubuntu is an African philosophical conceptspread to the west by Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu, among others. According to Ubuntu, there exists a common bond between us all and it is through this bond, through our interaction with our fellow human beings, that we discover our own human qualities. I am because we are. This project applies such perspective by using personal development to strengthen youth workers in their work with youngsters and local communities. The training Humans for Humanity was designed to equip youth workers with skills that they can use first of all in their personal life, and secondly to improve their social work and engagement with youngsters, specifically those with fewer opportunities. Being part of a community, having a sense of belonging contributes to our mental health as well as it fights against discrimination and enhances inclusion and social cohesion. Our humanity is facing a global crisis, nonetheless some have been touched even more than others by the impact of the pandemic and economical crisis. Unfortunately COVID-19 also exposed and amplified the inequalities experienced by refugees and migrants globally. It brought about higher levels of depression, anxiety, anguish and loneliness as well as an increase in experiences of discrimination. This project aims to support youth workers with specific training and highlight the specific contribution youth work can make in these matters. Therefore we will use methods of personal development for youth workers to grow in their skills as well as training empathic communication, peace building skills, tackling issues on the refugee crisis, coaching, communication between different cultures and religions, inclusion, integration and conflict management. The project will focus on developing practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in working with individuals and groups in the development of key competencies combating hate and finding ways to appreciate the richness of diversity. Youth workers and NGO workers working with vulnerable youngsters and minorities are in a great need of tools and skills to handle this situation, fostering intercultural understanding and dialogue.


– To increase employability and participation of youth workers, develop their professional skills and increase their efficiency;
– To give tools of coaching and supporting the youngsters in own communities;
– To give tools of emphatic 
communication and conflict transformation for their daily life and work;
– To develop training skills, 
communication skills, and organizational skills;
– To gain insight about refugees’ 
life and experience in working with refugees by implementing workshops for them;
– To raise participants’ awareness 
and understanding of other cultures and religions;
– To develop awareness about 
personal concepts and believes one has about diversity, different cultures and religions and habitual ways to communicate and to react to the conflict;
– To stimulate the self-development 
process of the participants;
– To equip youth workers with 
knowledge and tools for dialogue, conflict transformation and creating connection;
– To gain theoretical and practical 
knowledge of how to build a workshop and debrief it, how to work with migrants;
– To develop creativity and 
international collaboration;
– To get intercultural experience 
by meeting with the representatives of different countries, cultures, backgrounds, religions, practice tolerance and break stereotypes & prejudices.
First stage: 12-20.12.2022, Georgia
The first stage of the project in Georgia will mostly focus on youth workers’ personal development as we will use different experiential methods of personal development and coaching to strengthen youth workers’ self-knowledge, self- empathy and coaching skills. In order to be there for the other, we have to stand strong ourselves. Through developing ourselves, we also develop our organizations, the quality of youth work, and humanity as a whole

Second stage: 
25.02 – 05.03.2023, Latvia
The second stage – will dive deeper into the topics of empathic communication, conflict management, peace building and inclusion, contributing to social cohesion. During the whole project cycle we will put extra focus on working with and coaching youngsters with fewer opportunities as well as inclusion of young refugees and migrants in our organizations’ activities. Intercultural understanding and cooperation among organizations will be fostered and stimulated throughout both stages.
Participation Fee: 50.000AMD+60 EUR
Armenia – FUTURE IN OUR 
Greece Roes Cooperativa 
Romania Asociatia 100% 
Who are we looking for?
  • Age 20+;
  • The number of participants is 5;
  • Balanced gender;
  • Having at the least basic level of English language;
  • Those, who are working directly with youngsters and are motivated to support their mental wellbeing and personal development;
  • Available for both stages of the project;
  • The course is designed for youth workers, coaches, youth leaders, youth educators, social workers, NGO workers.
  • At least one person per country with fewer opportunities (socio-economics, geographical, cultural, discrimination) should be selected by the sending Organization
Reimbursement amount
Stage 1 – Georgia _ €180
Stage 2 – Latvia _ €360