Dearest reader, 

Warm greetings from our team to you))

We are Galina, Roza and Aksanna, and here to share the most incredible experience and the positive vibes from our training course in Austria called “Art of Life”. 

It all began with our passion for travelling, learning and sharing, but even something more interesting was waiting for all of us. During our stay, we enjoyed the magical atmosphere, breathtaking nature and wonderful people. We experienced many means of art such as performance, pottery, painting/drawing, dancing and many more. All those exercises helped us to establish the real “Art of Life” for ourselves and gave us enough knowledge to share.

The course “Art of Life” was mostly about self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence, let’s say those were the values of the project and so ours. We surely accomplished it.

Besides all of this, there we’ve found something equally valuable and important – friendship. It was such luck and pleasure to be a part of an international community and explore all those cultural differences and similarities, and meet the most interesting, experienced and open-minded people. 

We’re certain, this was just the beginning)).

Thanks for reading till this point and hopefully now you feel even more motivated to make your first/next step to change your life into the fairy tale you’ve always dreamed of.

And thanks to all those amazing people who make these projects real.