Project Dates: 12/03/2023 – 24/03/2023

Venue: Slanic Moldova, Romania

Number of participants: 4+1 leader


More and more young people are publicly taking a stand against LGBTQIA+ community, while there is a growing trend of hate speech in the public space. Also, at the European level, more and more politicians assume a populist, nationalist discourse against human rights, supported by religious leaders and nongovernmental structures such as the Coalition for the Family in Romania. Campaigns to discredit the LGBT+ community have been organized in all the countries participating in the project and beyond, while the mass media promotes a
stereotypical image of the LGBTQIA+ community.
The EU Agency for Fundamental Human Rights observes that, at the EU level, LGBTQIA+ people face discrimination, physical and verbal aggression. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation of LGBTQIA+ youth, as they are portrayed negatively in the media and social media, being considered “guilty” for the pandemic (speech used by many religious leaders and homophobic politicians). According to Helena Dalli, Commissioner of the Commission for Equality of the European Commission, domestic violence and homophobic or transphobic abuse in isolation or the refusal of equal social protection and medical care are
some of the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ youth.
At the same time, the homophobic discourse comes together with other related topics, such as women’s rights (many of those who oppose the LGBT community are against equal rights for women), the right of young people to sexual and reproductive health (many oppose sexual education for young people), gender identity (many young people do not know about gender, the difference between gender, sex and sexual orientation, and traditional gender roles continue to be consolidated as the only acceptable ones in society) etc.


To improve the perception of the LGBTGIA+ community among young people and to increase their understanding of key concepts in the field of gender or sexual minorities.
To equip young people with the motivation, the skills and tools to fight against homophobia and hate speech directed against people from the LGBTGIA+ community and their supporters.
To involve young people in promoting human rights, cultural diversity, solidarity, tolerance and social inclusion of young people from the LGBTQIA+ community through visual arts.
To make visible the gender inequalities and the challenges that the LGBTQIA community faces in everyday life through community journalism and media advocacy.

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