Digital literacy has become indispensable for every global citizen, whether to communicate, find employment, receive comprehensive education, or socialize. Acquiring the right set of digital skills is not only important for learning and workforce readiness but also vital to foster more open, inclusive, and secure. Digibox was an amazing programme about digital tools, digital safety,literacy etc. The facilitators were nice and understanding to us. During the program we learnt how to use digital tools to make our work easier. Individuals are responsible for how they use technology to interact with the world around them. So it the organisers and trainers were eager to teach us as much as possible. We played entertaining and interesting games connected with digital tools. Our fellow participants showed the apps, websites which they use in the universities or at work. We gained knowledge, learned to keep the spirit of the group and we are grateful to meet people like our international friends. We understood that we shared so many cultural things, watched traditional dances and tried various dishes.
It was a great experience for us all.



The program we participated in was related to digital tools, management, and coordination. As an active youth activist, I often use such tools, and during the project I learned more tools that I will use. The program was quite intense and very interesting, we studied interesting tools, performed group work, played various games, thanks to which we learned more. 

During the program, I met and made new friends from different countries, got acquainted with the cultures and customs of different countries that were very interesting to me, there was an exchange of experience between each other, which also helped me to learn something new.

In addition to the programs, we enjoyed our free time and, of course, made a short trip to Europe, and I am very glad that we, young people, can participate in such programs and develop through them. I would like to express my gratitude to the EduEra NGO and, of course, the FIOH NGO for giving us such an opportunity to conduct such a program.