Number of participants 5+1

Summary of the project:

“You(th)ink Green” is a Youth exchange organized in Assel in the Netherlands from the 1-7 July 2023 (excluding travel days). This project is on the topic of sustainability: to recognize, share, inspire, interpret and engage the youth in a green way of life and make a change in the society. Through non formal and playful methods we want recognize ecological issues and environmental climate change and the impact of it on our planet, share the sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in their day to day life, in their organizations and inspire each other in different ways also through visiting some sustainable projects in the Netherlands. From this we learn to interpret and create a “Green” guidelines, “checklists” “actions” for the future. This sustainability checklist will help individuals and organizations to self reflect and to act to which extent we follow ecologically friendly attitudes. Finally this youth exchange aims also to engage young people with fewer opportunities and involve the participants on how to promote and organize activities in taking actions regarding greener ways of life and practices. For this reason we have planned a first activity “Preparatory meeting” to prepare this project and participants in a qualitative way.

Deadline for applications 10.01.2023

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