LOCATION: Youth Exchange 
in Trofaiach, Austria
TIME: October 16-23rd 2022

About the Youth exchange!

In this youth exchange, we are using dance as a tool for getting to know theunknown, as a universal language of communication and a tool for inclusion and social change. Across the world and through the history, dance has been a central feature of human behavior and culture for all religions, societies and ethnic groups. Dancing is part of a tradition all over the world, and dancing helps groups and communities stay and work together – to communicate, to bond and to feel part of the whole. The aim of this youth exchange is to unite participants through dance, to make them re-think diversity and recognize the elements that unite us. Together with young people from Austria, Amenia, Croatia, Morocco, Spain and Ukraine, we are promoting human rights, social interaction and intercultural dialogue through dance and advocate social changes. We are using dance as a way of communicating, creating a dialogue with the local community, expressing ideas and emotions, breaking language barriers and stereotypes, responding to challenges in the society and also enjoying life.

Partner organizations
NGO “Step Forward” (Ukraine)

“Future in Our Hands ” (Armenia)
AYES – Association for Youth Empowerment 
and Security (Croatia)
Mediterranean Forum For Social development 
D.G.T. Spain (Spain)

Travel costs
Your travel costs will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ rules (for Armenians the reimbursement will be  up to 360,00 EUR). Visa costs will be also covered.

Activities and accommodation will be hosted in the castle/hostel Stibichhofen in Trofaiach. The rooms are organized on 2 floor, they are big shared rooms with 10-12 bunk beds. One floor will be assigned to the girls and the other one to the boys. On each floor there is a sanitary group with a shower and toilets. There is also a washing machine. The kitchen, activity room and dinning room are situated at the upper floor and are the best places around to share time with your peers. If the weather allows we will also spend time in the big garden and gazebo.  We will be living like a self-organized community where we will be taking care of the facility and the common areas together. Everyday it will be assigned a group that will be the host for the rest of the group, but each person is responsible to keep the place tidy and clean after himself/herself.


Eligibility criteria for the applicants:

  • Aged 18-30 years old
  • Resident in one of the participating countries of the project
  • Available for the whole mobility period
  • Open to learning, developing new skills and to working in a multicultural group
  • Able to engage actively in an educational process and in group work, appreciate an interactive model of learning and contribute to the creation of a comfortable environment in a group
FOR APPLICATION follow the link: