First of all, I am grateful to Future in our hands and Educatio NGOs to be selected to participate in 4C taster wonderful program. I was very excited to be part of the project. I have participated in many projects with different topics but from the beginning of the project I found out myself that this project is totally unique. The topic of 4C-s e.g., Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration was very interesting and I gained a lot from these sessions. Definitely, I will use in my life the experience and knowledge which the project gave me. Not only I was fascinated with project topic, how the project was organized but with participants as well. I am happy that I had a chance to know people from the project. Each of them were unique bright people (including trainers) who were bringing light in the project. P.S. Thanks to everybody for unforgettable project.


Hi everyone! I’m Anna and I am here to share my wonderful emoticons about TC “4C Taster” in Abovyan.
This was my second Erasmus+ project and it was wonderful. I gained a lot of knowledge that I will need in the future, I’m sure. I made wonderful friends, had a wonderful time and I am very grateful to “Future in our hands” NGO for such an opportunity and feelings. Also, I was very excited and impressed to welcome my current foreign friends to represent my wonderful country and I hope I have been able to do it in the best possible way.


Walked into the 4C taster program with absolutely no expectations, turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. From the moment the introductions began, I started to feel connected to my fellow participants from all over the world. The first day involved acquiring the skill of Critical thinking which is an absolute necessary entity in the world of today where misinformation and propaganda persist. We were made to indulge in this topic with the help of various non formal education tools such as games, round table conference and poster presentations. We learnt the values of team work and cooperation along with dealing with cognitive bias and logical fallacy. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in abovyan with a vintage fountain and tasted sumptuous Armenian cuisine everyday which was a blessing to our taste buds. We followed our training sessions with intensive workshops on Creativity, Communication and Collaboration with equally exciting activities such as skits, silent miming, artistic expression, solidarity building with the team and self reflection. These sessions made me into an all-round individual who is empathetic to the problems of the world and wants to find resolutions to conflicts. Over parties and other icebreaking games we found ourselves making best friends forever (quite literally). I felt a part of the community in a very integral way as my opinions were valued and my background was respected. We had one day dedicated to the creation of our own workshops and I was surprised to see the professionality of the sessions conducted by my fellow colleagues. I would say yes to such a well organized program without blinking an eyelid and I’m glad it’s shaped me to be a better person. The city quest game enabled us to explore abovyan in a quirky way and forged connections with the locals too. FIOH has been a real family to us by taking care of our every need and making us as comfortable as possible in order for us to be productive and party hard in a perfect balance.

Here is the manual which was created during the training course. Check it out!