Lidia, who participated in an ESC project in Bulgaria, shares her experience with us.

ESC is the project that changed my life. I became more confident and developed various skills, which I am sure will be very helpful throughout my life. I made lots of friends from various countries. Also, I improved my English and became more confident in communication. I had a very responsible and creative role as a volunteer and I do really liked that style of volunteering. Actually, the organization enabled volunteers to participate in various activities based on each volunteer’s interests. As a volunteer you had the opportunity to work with youth, work with projects, develop communication and organizational skills, learn new language, discover new country and new culture, participate in instructive activities, educational services. Educational activities were including helping people with disabilities in the manufacture of pottery, cards, posters and more. Together we were organizing their time to visit the institutions, cafes, public spaces, galleries, theaters, movies and more. We were supporting people with disabilities in their daily activities – nutrition, hygiene, dressing, working, walking in the city/park and others. Apart from that we were participating in festivals and celebrations of the association and the day care center. The knowledge and skills that I gained there will always help me and lead me to my destination. What refers to our host company, they were incredible and made our stay comfortable and inviting.
Thank you FIOH for this opportunity. I fully recommend everyone to join this kind of volunteering programs. Believe me, the progress is guaranteed.