Can you imagine a situation when you are sick and tired of your job or studies and do not have the motivation to move forward?

I believe each of us has faced such a difficult situation. And I also was facing difficult times, was depressed, and was searching for new adventures. It was right at that time that I saw an Erasmus+ project taking place in Slovakia. The topic of the project “Keep Your Prejudices in Media!” seemed relevant to me and I decided to fill out the application form. I got selected and with the help of the staff of the Future in Our Hands NGO got a visa, bought the tickets, and was ready to leave.
We were 2 from Armenia- me and Mari. We became a real pair of travelers and leave for Slovakia.

The project started and since the beginning of the project, a warm atmosphere was felt. All the participants were open-minded and cheerful. I liked them to be that open to new friendships and communications on different topics.

Apart from the entertainment, we had sessions on stereotypes, photography, and videography and made an exhibition with our works in the city center. The process was amusing and it strengthened relations among the team members. Also, we had a visit to Vlkolineč, a village included in the UNESCO heritage. This was an amazing way to get acquainted with Slovak culture.

The project was one of the best projects of my life and I enjoyed myself while making lifelong friends and learning interesting stuff.