DATES: 26th March to 4th April 2020
ARRIVING DAY: 26th March 2020
DEPARTURE DAY: 4th April 2020
VENUE: Bakuriani, Georgia
AGE: 21-30

PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Italy-Spain-Ukraine-Estonia-Armenia-Russia-Portugal

It is getting harder and harder to unwind ourselves, develop own ways, separate own views from societal ones, and develop critical thinking. It’s
getting harder when our mind is constantly affected by overwhelming news, useless information, those standardized, stereotypical views and approaches characterizing the certain societies and cultures.
YE “Find your inner peace” aims to guide the participants to find the new ways of personal development, self-expression and self-transformation through experimenting various methodologies of Yoga, meditation, body-movement, massage, music and breathing techniques.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To develop focus, concentration and clear mind,
  • To stimulate self-reflection through personal development sessions,
  • To equip participants with competences and methods for their personal and professional development, needed for transferring the common European values, preventing violent radicalization,
  • To discover the new ways of self-awareness through meditation, yoga, massage, body-movement and breath techniques, 
  • To enhance healthy lifestyle, physical flexibility,
    coordination and body awareness through experimenting different styles of Yoga and contemporary dance movements,
  • To promoting the respect of diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom and human rights, practice tolerance, break stereotypes stereotypes and prejudices, and fight against discrimination,
  • To build meaningful relationships and future cooperation.

Participants profile:

  • Eagerness and availability to involve in the project actively and dedicate time and effort.
  • Basic level of English
  • An expertise/interest in one of the following fields: yoga, meditation, coaching, massage or dance (as they will be responsible to plan and facilitate the workshops/sessions of the youth exchange, supported by the facilitators).

How to Apply?

Send your CV and motivation letter to with the title “Find your inner peace”  with two photos of you.

Please NOTE: Applications without photos, title and complete documents won’t be considered.

Deadline: 6.12.2019

Participation fee: 50 euro