The Armenian team’s participation in the “DBAY: Dialogue Between Authorities and Youth” project was a resounding success, showcasing their commitment to fostering positive relationships between youth organizations and institutions. Despite facing challenges as participants with fewer opportunities, the team actively engaged in the training course held in Vilanova de Arousa, Spain, from January 8th to 15th, 2024.

The participants share:

The “Dialogue between Authorities and Youth” training course, held from January 8th to 15th, 2024, in Vilanova de Rousa, Galicia, Spain, gathered 18 participants from 7 different countries. The core objective was to facilitate a cooperative relationship between youth organizations and institutions by sharing established strategies and best practices. Each day of the program focused on a specific theme, ranging from “How to Plan and Implement Youth Exchange Programs” to discussions on policy implications and effective program writing to gain support from authorities. The course provided practical insights, delving into participants’ expectations, fears, and achievements in their roles as youth leaders. The training blended theoretical discussions with hands-on learning through group projects and real-life scenarios, ensuring a practical approach. The culmination of the program saw participants presenting their “advocacy campaigns”, with a particular emphasis on connecting these initiatives to social media for broader outreach and impact. The training not only enhanced professional skills but also provided a nuanced understanding of the personal challenges youth leaders face. Beyond professional development, the course incorporated intercultural evenings. These gatherings provided a platform for participants to share perspectives on various topics and celebrate their cultural diversity through food, dance, and song. Participants, by bridging the gap between youth and authorities in their regions, are set to carry the impact of this experience into their future endeavors.