• DATES: March 2024– March  2025
  • VENUE: Lithuania, Vilnius and Trakai


This project connects international long-term volunteers and their hosting organizations in Lithuanian cities (Vilnius and Trakai). While coordinating international volunteering projects “Europos savanoriu tarnybos asociacija Saltes”, as the organization, has established good and long-lasting relationships with hosting organizations in Lithuania, that wants to continue their work with international volunteers, keep on hosting new ones. We see the value in this project, because both hosting organizations and volunteers will have the possibility to enhance their skills in an informal way, gain new skills, learn to collaborate better, to be more tolerant, to be responsible citizens, share experiences and enhance intercultural competencies.

It’s time to select your preferred project and share your motivation through a letter.

You can find more details below.

  1. Kindergarten “Little ones academy”

    It is a modern and innovative institution that develops education to meet the needs of the 21st century child. The education, which is based on world innovations and child-centred is organised by competent teachers, supported by VMU Academy of Education lecturers and students.

    Volunteers often work closely with teachers to assist in various STREAM activities. This may include helping with lesson preparation, setting up learning materials, and supporting childrens during activities. Volunteers may assist with hands-on science experiments, building projects, or other STEM-related tasks. In some cases, volunteers may provide one-on-one or small group tutoring for children who need extra support.
    Dates: March 2024-March 2025


  2. Vilnius Open School

    The Waldorf Open School is a non-governmental school created by parents and teachers and based on the Waldorf pedagogy. The school is part of a large community of Waldorf schools worldwide, which today has over a thousand schools. In Lithuania, the Waldorf School is governed by the concept of non-traditional education and the Waldorf concept of pedagogy. The main goal of the school is to develop creative, open-minded and self-confident personalities. At school, subjects are taught through programs developed by teachers using the programs and experiences of Waldorf schools in other countries, taking into account our country’s cultural environment, pedagogical traditions, Lithuanian general education programs and education standards. The mission of the school is to create a space where children and young people reveal their natural powers, develop their abilities/skills, and prepare to be able to achieve their own goals in life.
    Dates: March 2024-March 2025
  3. Kindergarten “Patirciu slenis”

    Kindergarten “Patirciu slenis” is looking for a long-term (12 months) volunteer. Kindergarten was established in 2016, it provides pre-school education for children from 1 to 7 years old kids. Kindergarten offers daily activities for kids, as well as different events, actions, and workshops. Volunteers will be helping kindergarten teachers to implement different activities for kids and organize events, workshops, etc. The kindergarten is based on outdoor Waldorf pedagogic which is why most of the activities are happening outdoors. The Volunteers will also have a space to implement his/her ideas, projects, and activities.
    Dates: March 2024-March 2025

Please fill in the application form: https://bit.ly/3SReyUw
Deadline: Feb 12