Welcome to the success stories of our participants who embarked on a transformative journey in the picturesque Renaissance town of Tryavna, Bulgaria. Their mission: to combat youth unemployment, a pressing issue both within the Erasmus+ program and the broader European Union.

Through immersive, experiential learning, these four individuals acquired practical skills for job-seeking and entrepreneurship. Today, armed with newfound knowledge, they stand ready to secure employment or pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Join us as they share their inspiring journeys of growth and achievement, a testament to the potential of youth to shape a brighter future.

This Erasmus+ youth exchange program in Tryavna is an experience that will forever remain etched in our memories. This remarkable journey provided us with an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. Interacting with individuals from diverse countries enabled us to gain fresh perspectives and foster lasting friendships. The program’s immersive approach allowed us to delve into Bulgaria’s rich culture and history and not only Bulgharian. We all present our countries which will stay one of memorable things during this program. In one word it was an incredible experience. This program brought representatives of many nations together, which will of course reflect well in the future .So that’s it, I’m very grateful to you guys that you gave me this opportunity and of course it’s not over and we’re going to meet again very soon.🥰❤️

Hi , im Albert and heres a short success story about Erasmus + exchange program in Bulgaria, Tryavna ❤️
I made lifelong friends, improved my  language skills, and gained a deeper understanding of the local traditions.
During the program  , i also got the opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Tryavna, with its charming cobblestone streets, traditional architecture, and vibrant festivals. We even learned some traditional Bulgarian dances and tried delicious local cuisine. 🎉🍲
The exchange program in Tryavna truly opened up a world of possibilities for me , broadening my  horizons and leaving them with unforgettable memories. It was definitely a success story worth sharing.

A couple of months ago, I didn’t even imagine that I would fly to another country for Erasmus, make many new friends, and fly back with unforgettable memories!
But I’ll start from the very beginning.  When I first appeared in the office for an interview, I didn’t suspect that I would be chosen, and before I had time to come to my senses, I was already standing at the airport.
I will never forget the moment when I left the airport and there was a crowd of strangers in front of me who will become my friends in the future. The people were amazing! Despite the difference in cultures and thinking, this did not prevent us from finding a common language.
As for the place, Tryavna feels like home to me now. The nature and mountains of this place really reminded me of our Armenia.
When the program came to an end, it is impossible to convey how hard it was to part with people who during this time managed to become like relatives to me.
As a conclusion, I will say that these programs are something that everyone should try at least once in their life.  I am immeasurably grateful to “Future In Our Hands” for this opportunity!
Thank you!

In the charming town of Tryavna, Bulgaria, I embarked on a life-changing adventure through the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Program. Hello, i am Pertshuhi , this is the story of how this program, focused on addressing youth unemployment, not only equipped me with valuable skills but also ignited a fire of passion within me.
Imagine being surrounded by 37 young individuals from different countries, all eager to tackle the challenge of youth unemployment. Through interactive workshops and fun activities, we dived into practical learning that felt refreshingly different from traditional classrooms. Learning by doing became our motto, and it made all the difference.
My participation in the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Program in Tryavna was a turning point in my life. The project’s goals aligned perfectly with my aspirations, propelling me towards success. Armed with enhanced employability skills, a confident demeanor, and a newfound sense of civic duty, I am ready to contribute meaningfully to society while pursuing my dreams. This project has proven that with the right tools, guidance, and determination, the path from a picturesque town to personal triumph is not just a dream – it’s a tangible reality.