• DATES: 2024, Duration is 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • VENUE: Bulgaria, Pazardjik.


The aim is through direct and indirect participation in the life work of the host organization Association “Focus – European Centre for Development”,

Volunteers plan activities under the project to acquire new knowledge and skills, competencies /non-formal education. Personal example of teamwork, communication, a new language, explore new rituals and traditions will enrich the volunteers and will provide:
• Opportunities for acquiring knowledge and competencies;
• Building communication skills and work with people with disabilities;
• Acquisition of language skills / written and spoken Bulgarian language;
• Direct work with people with disabilities over 18 years old in day care center for people with disabilities.
• Skills in team work.
• Gaining new creativity and method of approaching when working with youth.
• Create new friends and acquaintances.
• Will be familiar with the customs and culture.
• Will know the natural attractions in Pazardzhik, in Bulgaria.
• Social and intercultural skills.
• Acquisition of responsibility towards the disadvantaged groups.
• Better understanding of people with disabilities.

The activities proposed in the project allows volunteers to participate in more specific sub activities related to their interests and abilities. Sub-actions in three areas (entertainment, educational and practical) and strive to realize the mainobjectives.
• Support for disadvantaged groups / people with disabilities /
• Promotion of activities / ESC /
• To develop areas of information, sensitivity to the topic and the formation of good practice
• Volunteers to build their autonomy
• To give volunteers a new way of life
• To increase self-esteem, self confidence, and its functions
• Providing opportunities for training and education for young people interested in social sphere.
• Work with project
• Develop communication skills and presentation skills
• Working with youth
• Learn new language
• To discover new culture and new country
• To have fun and to enjoy the project

Volunteers will participate in instructive activities, educational services. Their role would be consistent with the opportunities and responsibility. Mission volunteers will always be led by supervisor and rehabilitator. Volunteers will have the opportunity to submit their own country and culture by organizing food, exhibitions, slideshow examples. Volunteers will participate in educational activities educators by helping people with disabilities in the manufacture of pottery, cards,
posters and more. Together we will organize their time to visit the institutions, cafes, public spaces, galleries, theater, movies and more. Volunteers will support people with disabilities in their daily activities – nutrition, hygiene, dressing, working, walking in the city/park and others. Will participate in festivals and celebrations of the association and the day care center. Volunteers will organize activities during leisure customers – such as painting, music, hiking, and more. Finally, the volunteers will have the opportunity to develop a personal project related activities and objectives of the day care center and the host organization. Organizing volunteers missions will be based on 30 hours per week, 5 days, 6 hours per day including language courses and meeting with the mentor. Volunteers will have holiday/vacation two days a month. Volunteers will always have the accompaniment of Bulgarian and monitors will be integrated into work teams.


Volunteers to be motivated, ambitious person who want to show and prove their skills. Able to prioritize tasks and allocate work in a team. Be interested in the social sphere and to work with people with disabilities. Have knowledge of English. To be
between 18 and 30 years old. Open minded and able to adapt him/herself to new environments and culture.

Please fill in the application: https://bit.ly/3Zhq7pz
The deadline to apply is January 30.