This Youth Exchange had the objective of engaging and empowering young people to become active citizens, connecting them to the European project, and helping them acquire and develop competences for life and their professional future.
More specifically, “VVEGO ON” aimed to foster intercultural dialogue and learning, promote a sense of being European, develop skills and attitudes among young people, strengthen European values, break down prejudices and stereotypes, raise awareness about relevant topics to stimulate engagement in society and active participation, cultivate open, active, and creative attitudes among young people, identify existing opportunities and possibilities, learn about the significant role of young people, and improve life prospects in the ever-changing realities of Europe.

Hayk Hakobyan

Not being aware of veganism and the vegetarian lifestyle this project was a unique opportunity not only for Armenian young people but also for other participants from Lebanon, Romania, and Spain which gathered 33 youngsters from the 2nd to 10th of April. During the project, all the participants got to know the culture of other countries but what was more important they explored the traditional vegan/vegetarian recipes, had a wonderful tour to the only pagan Temple in Armenia “Garni” and visited one of the oldest monasteries “Geghard”.

The best possible outcome was the webpage made by the participants where you can find all the recipes.

The webpage link:


We would also like to share the impression of our team.



Participating in the VVEGO ON youth exchange was a truly priceless experience that left me utterly spellbound, even after it had come to an end. Collaborating with the “Future In Our Hands” NGO was an absolute delight, as I had the opportunity to delve into numerous novel topics related to veganism and vegetarianism, while also connecting with a diverse group of like-minded individuals hailing from Lebanon, Spain, Romania, and Armenia. The multicultural ambiance of the project enriched our discussions and fueled an environment of mutual learning and respect.

Over the course of 10 days of intensive work, we engaged in lively debates and fruitful discussions centered around the theme of Veganism and Vegetarianism. This allowed me to expand my knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the phenomena, while also actively promoting awareness about the concept in the town of Abovyan, where the session was held. The experience was truly unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on my mind and heart.



Being a part of VVEGOON I can confidently say that I learned a lot of new things and took them with me. I am happy because I have a wealth of new knowledge, friends, and beautiful memories. The first thing I would talk about in the program would be the food, everything was delicious, and if I didn’t know about vegan recipes before and what I did know I didn’t find delicious, now I can confidently say that I have learned a lot of delicious recipes and experiment at home. : My first love is probably the hummus, which I tried from the Lebanese team, it tasted just amazing. I won’t forget the vodka and zakuska from the Romanian team ha-ha, and the Tortilla from the Spanish team (but it wasn’t vegan). 

Besides good food, we have been doing a lot of serious things. First, we learned about each other’s culture through various entertainment games, we held debates through which we learned a lot of new things, we had small trips in Armenia and finally, we received gifts that will always remind us of each other.

I am very happy that my first Erasmus program was so warm and full of love.



I am very glad I had the chance to participate in the VVEGO ON Erasmus+ youth exchange, which was an amazing experience. Over the period of 10 days, I was able to interact with people from different countries on the topic of veganism. Through educational activities, I learned more about vegan recipes, cultural dishes, the pros and cons of being a vegan, etc. This knowledge helped me to gain more insight into the themes of Veganism and Vegetarianism, by also allowing me to get to know about this topic in the reality of my home country.

Besides all the educational and informative activities, I had an unforgettable time enjoying the program with various cultural individuals. From sleepless nights to crazy games, I got to know the cultures of Spain, Romania, and Lebanon. Overall, I am very happy I had the opportunity to experience this.



First of all, I want to thank the organizers of this project! I am very glad that I was part of this team and this big family. The project was indeed life-changing in many aspects. Considering that this was my very first project I couldn’t even imagine that I could get these many friends and get a lot of information about Veganism and vegetarian lifestyles.

The most difficult thing was waking up early every morning but knowing that a very good day is waiting for you, you wake up with the biggest smile and go down to the conference hall to meet new friends and start a very fun and productive day.

Thank you VVEGOON for these wonderful days that you gave us❤️

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