Tatev Khachatryan

Success Story: TC Spain
Imagine a situation. Italian, Hungarian, German and Greek recite the Armenian alphabet and eat walnut jam. These are also what Vega and I achieved during our course, which was held in Spain.
Galicia showed us the Spain, which was not unique to the tourist destination.
We realized that cold days are also possible in Spain, that without knowing a single word of Spanish you can understand what the stranger on the street said, how much the Spanish value their rest.
We met interesting young people, worked together as a team, had a goal together and achieved it.
Recording a podcast for me and Vega, unlike the other participants, is a normal, everyday thing, but we tried and did it in English, which was impressive (and you can find these podcasts in Anchor) .
Many of our friends there were not the first time in the north of Spain and they advised us how to discover such a different Spain.

Vergine Andriasyan

It’s always nice to meet people who share your interests and preferences. Radio youth was one of these opportunities. Me and the other participant from Armenia- Tatev have been engaged in podcasting for a long time, but both our colleagues and the audience are Armenians, and it was very important for both of us to get acquainted with the international experience of this field, to understand how podcasts are created abroad, what are the most relevant topics among the youth, what technical innovations there are. This project not only gave us all of this, but also the opportunity to get to know and have a wonderful time with young people from other countries, to make new friends and of course to get to know the Spanish culture.

The course was held in the fresh air of Santiago de Compostela. The kind and willing trainers really facilitated and motivated us to exchange experiences with each other, learn and share what we have learned with others.

I also had a warm and friendly environment among the participants, which allowed not only to develop our skills together, helping each other, but also to have a good time outside of classes.

I am especially thankful for the opportunity of group work which allowed us not only to create a podcast on our own: starting with the idea, then recording and editing it, but also to share our thoughts on important topics, bring our own culture and experience of our countries in those fields. Each one of us helped the other group members with whatever we were good at, for example Pamella from Italy showed us how to make your own logo using simple tools, I tried to help with editing etc.

This was the first Erasmus project that I attended outside of my country, and I am very happy that my journey started with TC: Radio Youth.

Thank you all, I hope we will meet again.