On September 7-9, we had a meeting in Poland to decide and discuss some points regarding the next project. It was a small training for the team leaders, so that they would be informed about the program and be able to give information to the participants and prepare them for the upcoming project. The countries participating are as follows։
Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Kosovo. There should be 4 participants from each country + 1 leader with them.
After the call was opened, many applicants applied to participate․ It was nice opportunity to obtain new knowledge, experience and kind friends. Countless student reports tell of the impact project has had on the personal lives and personal development of the participating students .
The name of the project ‘Distopiality’. It will take place in a small town called Bystrzyca Kłodzka․ This old town of Bystrzyca is famous for its many historical buildings and is a popular tourist destination. During the training, the name and dates of the project were discussed, the age limit of the participants was determined, and the leaders got acquainted with the project. It was decided that the participants should be 17-22 years old, so that the topic would be more up-to-date and close to the soul.
The project includes the following
• Games
• Acquaintance with the city
• Intercultural nights
• Energizers and activities
• ‘Ted talk’ video and debate etc.
The project also is about today’s society and people’s relations. Participants should be ready for active discussions, exchange of many ideas and healthy debates. In short, this is a program about our future and society.