The “EUROGRAFIA” Project was a great opportunity to obtain new skills, to make wonderful memories and to meet a lot of amazing people from different countries. The Project was held in Madrid due to which we had a unique chance to explore the picturesque corners of the city and enjoy every single moment in this never-sleeping city.

From the very beginning, Spain attracted us with its warm and kind atmosphere. During the project we learnt the geography of the EU through organized interesting activities and games. We shared cultural and historical diversity with our fellows coming from different countries and found out the similarities and differences between us.

Through the project we enriched our knowledge about EU’s mission, history, principles and values. One of the best moments of the program was preparing National Dinners accompanied by deep conversations and discussions around the same table. We had a chance to try and explore not only each other’s cuisine but also to get to know their national traditions.

In other words “EUROGRAFIA” gave us unforgettable memories, new experience and knowledge, amazing moments and most importantly it gave us an opportunity to make friends and value every single moment spent together. At the end of the project we came back to Armenia bringing with us all the best memories we made in Madrid.