Info about the project

Dates: 26 July 26 august 2022

Venue: Arrouquelas; Rio Maior; Portugal
The forest is our home This is a Tean Volunteer project, from European Solidarity corps, short term(30 days; 15 to 20 participants), in Arrouquelas, a small rural village in countryside in central Portugal. will participate in several activities of work, creation, responsibility and fellowship and interaction with locals of Arrouquelas. It is a project that aims to help our village preserve its surrounding forest, and prevent fires. This project will leave results, due to the experience and ecological attitude that we intend to instil in young people, by the intercultural dynamism, but also by the work done, creating better conditions for the surveillance of our forest. (clean, paint, forest vigilance, learn sessions, cultural visits) We would like also to rely on the collaboration of the participants to a pedagogical approach to the integration of people with cultural differences such as refugees who now seek shelter in Europe. Intercultural activities and interaction between participants and the local community. We expect the collaboration of the participants, in the organization of the program, where there is freedom for the participants themselves to present and develop their ideas together with the group, within the topic of the project and respecting European values.


Young people who demonstrate an environmental and social attitude; who enjoy outdoor activities; who want to learn about rural development issues; 18 years old and older; Ready to actively take part in all the activities during the project; includes outdoor physical activities. Interested in implementation of the non– formal education methods into the youth work of their organization; Experienced in work with splitlevel groups or wish to get experience in this field; Motivated for future professional growth and interested to develop their projects in their local organizations. 
Participants at the beginning of the project will have training on the activities to be carried out, all activities safeguard the safety of participants, they will have training on the propose activities.


Activities to be carried out

Maintenance of public spaces under H2O responsibility: 
Fire surveillance tower; Village fountains; Garden places; Church; Maintenance of some rural roads, which may be used in forest surveillance routes, roads that are obstructed by wild forest, due to the low utilization of them, and desertification of the rural environment; Attention these activities require some physical effort, and manual work, Clean; paint; etc…gloves will be provided, hat, tshirt. The work will be suitable for the participants, the work outdoors will be done in hours of less heat.
Organize camping for all participants, participants will be involved in organizing and planning the daily program;

Organize and keep surveillance routes;

Forest surveillance shifts in the watchtower, during all project;

Creation of a Facebook page, which will serve as a diary of the activities carried out and that will be updated by the participants;

Intercultural night; Intercultural events; teambuilding activities; Cultural tour; Arrouquelas summer party (3 days of party);

Participation and promotion of a workshops/urban art/ simulations/ representation related to awareness of fire prevention and promotion of good practices of forest preservation (no limits for creativity);

Film/movie create by participants about the subject;

Workshop about Erasmus+ programs and European Solidarity Corps opportunities;
Promotion of cultural activities with the population, accomplishment of an intercultural evening open to the population;
Support the integration of Syrian refugees, a family living in Arrouquelas, under the responsibility of H2O;

Help some families in need to paint, or small repairs their houses;

Recycling tour, encourage recycling, involving older people, signing and helping those who have more mobility difficulties, to take recycled waste to ecological islands, collect Recycling garbage in some house, talk with people from village.

Organization of a final exhibition for the population with photos about the days of the project
We intend to create an intercultural evening open to Arrouquelas community. During nights we intend to create conditions for the participants to create moments of animation and cultural sharing like music, games etc. We would like also to rely on the collaboration of the participants to a pedagogical approach to the integration of people with cultural differences such as refugees who now seek shelter in EuropeOutside of the working period, the participants will be able to visit nearby cities, learn about Portugal, its history, habits, culture and language. We will provide entertaining activities that will keep all participants motivated in this project. During the project we plan to take the participants for a tour in our region, visiting places of cultural and environmental interest.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided to all participants during the project but the dinner will be prepared each night by a group of participants, with the objective of creating intercultural night (bring something from your countries, related with your culture, for one meal with tastes of all countries)
The participants will be living in tents or one big house for all inside of the village. All safety issues are guaranteed, the tents have 2 bedrooms, each participant will be in one of the rooms, the tent will be shared by gender. There will be showers shared by genderAll participants should know that they will sleep in cantonment or tents. They should collaborate in preparation of food, and organization of meals. The place of accommodation is inside the village (in H2O Farm, We will build the camp, it will only be for our participants), reason why everyone is expected to respect all the inhabitants, with a way of being responsible.

How to apply?

Note, that people who has done ESC before, can participate in this group ESC as well!