After the project Art Therapy which took place in Croatia, our participants Manu Harutyunyan and Harutyun Harutunyan realized activities with kids in Armenia to share the skills that they have gained during the project and to use the skills in practice.

We have got 2 different activities in different centers, so that more children could be involved.

Harutyun Harutyunyan organized a drama therapy event in Tsirane Child Development Center.
During the event, kids created their own stories with collages, that they have made with different materials.
And after finishing them, everybody presented their own collage and talked about it.
They had a discussion about the collages, how they saw their story and what made them to create especially the very collage. It was a nice experience to see how the kids imagine the world and how this kind of therapy can have an influence on their imagination  and thoughts transformation.

On the 16th of March in Armana centre, Manu organised an “ART THERAPY” session with 13 years old teenagers. It was around 1 hour. They used “Mirror Scribble in Pairs” tool.

 As Manu shares: “I wanted to check and figure out the relationship between teenagers in a nonverbal way. How a therapeutic alliance could be between 2 clients in the process. I gave them roles of the leader and follower and they changed after”. They liked it a lot, it was something new and interesting for them. For them, it was a bit funny watching each other’s eyes and trying to follow. They wanted to look at the paper also, but they didn’t. Some of them were only in their comfort zone when they were in the leading process, some of them were okay also to follow. They asked me to do more kinds of classes with them.”

The project was realised in the frames of Erasmus+ project, as part of a dissemination activity.

Thanks to KreArtivity ASsociation for the cooperation and for the best practice shared.