The modern world is a world of information. The abundance and
variety of sources generate contradictory information. Unfortunately, this
information is often not reliable and credible. Its distortion can be caused
by various reasons – from ignorance or irresponsibility of the informant to
deliberate control of the audience’s consciousness.

About the project

In any case, if we don’t want to be led and manipulated, we need to learn, how to analyze information, separate facts from interpretations
and draw our own conclusions. In other words, we need to develop our media literacy and, more broadly, our critical thinking.

We’re looking exactly for you, if you:

are motivated and open to the new experience;
are open-minded and flexible, being able to learn,accept and adjust to the new knowledge, viewpoints and perspectives; want to be more critical towards information andenhance your media literacy skills ;
are being able to communicate and expressyourself in English;
have a desire to share new information and skillswithin your community after the project.

Participating countries: 


HOW TO apply?

Send your CV and Motivation Letter to with the title YE-ARMENIA