f562f8d180c80b79607059c0381aade2   From October 24 to 31 there took place a project in Ordu, Turkey under the theme ‘YOUTH WORK IS THE BEST TO FORGET THE REST’’. The project was financed within Erasmus+ project. 4 countries participated in the project, namely: Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, 5 participants from each country.

            In spite of the fact that the project was an educational one it was also full of interesting moments, activities, games and visits.

General aim of the project was to provide youths from different cultures an environment where they could do activities by means of democracy and human rights, they could develop the side of sociability, pair and group work, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, toleration, cooperation. Add to this youths assimilated the active European Citizenship, gained consciousness of multicultural, develop the foreign language skills, develop self of confidence and raised effective communication.

            During the project was mainly discussed the role of social media in the life of youth. With different activities they tried to find out the level of importance of media for themselves. Does social media do more good or harm? Or both? Have you ever thought of its consequences? How much time do you spend on social media every day? How much time do you spend with your real friends or relatives? Such questions were the main topics for discussion.

            1st day passed with getting to know each other games and energizers. Then, starting from the 2nd day the participants began to work on the project. They divided the topic of the project into several parts started to work on it.

            Besides the sessions, the countries also had their intercultural evenings, during which they were representing their country, its traditions, national dances and tasty dishes. It was also an educational one, because during the evening other participants learned a lot of interesting things about other countries.

            2 days of the project were completely devoted to the pastime. Participants had a very interesting tour in Ordu and visited its places of interest. Besides visiting the famous Mosque of Ordu and taking a ropeway to the mountains, participants had a meeting with the city mayor.

            All in all, the project was very interesting. According to feedbacks of participants the project was a real success, they really enjoyed it and got a precious knowledge.

7 days with 25 special people, amazing moments, sharing experiences, feeling like a family, learning from others, dances, foods, cultural nights, barbeque nights, local visits, too many photos and unforgettable memories. That was really great!!!!