DSC_0836From November 19 to 26 Future in Our Hands hosted its Spanish partner in Armenia. It was a kind of study visit during which the two NGOs shared their experiences, developed plans for their further cooperation and worked together to accomplish their future goals.
Spanish partner of FIOH saw how the staff was working trying also to contribute to it somehow. During the work she also shared her information about different activities, conferences and training opportunities. Besides, the NGOs analyzed their joint project, which took place in Spain in October. They discussed the positive outcomes of the project and the perspectives it gave to the participants.
During this period there took place also the ceremony of award of certificates to the participant of the Spanish project “Nature, Culture, Creativity”at LOFT entertainment centre. The participants one more time enjoyed each other’s presence, had a backward look at their project and again shared their memories watching photos and videos.
But the visit of the our partner was not confined only to working. She had a good opportunity to get to know Armenia and its places of interest. Future in Our Hands made an interesting tour for its partner and gave her a chance to see several cultural values of Armenia. Moreover, she got acquainted to Armenian lifestyle and saw how the locals were living.
As a result of the visit the two NGOs became good sources of information and ideas for each other and strengthened their relation developing bases for future cooperation. Such kind of visits are going to be continuous.