11954700_10205708318164861_834544340023470850_nThe training course You-the young entrepreneur took place from 21/08/2015 to 27/08/2015 in Brno, Czech Republic. The project was hosted by Proactive Mind Organization.

Altogether, 28 participants from Armenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey took part in the project.  Armenia was represented by Diana Amirbekyan, Grigor Galstyan and Sarra Demirtshyan, who were  chosen by Future in Our Hands Youth NGO in Armenia, as an official partner of Proactive Mind in Armenia.
The aim of the training course was to develop competences and attitudes of young people which are necessary to start their own entrepreneurial career.
Specific objectives of the training course were to develop hard skills and soft skills such as business idea generation, business planning, project management, presentation skills, creative thinking and leadership.
The main activities of the project were self discovery, market discovery, business model canvas, speakers battle, project management, marketing strategy, promotional video for the business idea, Dragon’s Den.
The sessions were held in Impact Hub Brno a local branch of worldwide Hub network , JIC Brno and in UNIFER. One session was held also in Prague. The trainers were people from the business sphere and marketing experts who were supposed to comment on the business plans of the participants.
Two city games were organized during the project, one was in Brno the next one in Prague.

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