01_Luftbild_Frankfurt_oder_Slubice_09072011Urgently we’re looking for one female EVS volunteer. The project “Cross-Border Participation – Inclusive Europe” will bring in the time from 01.09.2015 until 31.01.2017 (12months within this months) three young European Volunteers to Frankfurt (Oder). The name of the project will be the content of it. The volunteers will come closer to the European specialties and take a special look on the inclusive and integrativ character of Europe. Frankfurt (Oder) is located directly at the border to Poland. Only 500 meters of bridge are separating us from our polish twin city Slubice. In such a city a special feeling for Europe can be developed. However such a location also brings challenges, as the borders of the European Integration become visible and the problems of common European strategies can be seen on local level directly. Therefore the location Frankfurt (Oder) at the pewobe brings the possibility to get to know Europe at its edges and borders, and at the same time to value its possibilities and to become active to overcome the borders. European Citizenship and participation of young people are the topics that will be worked on during this project. At an inner European border one can develop a new view on youth participation in Europe. The volunteers can get to now this view.Sunset-in-Frankfurt-Oder1
The volunteers will be from Armenia, Macedonia and Portugal. They will be involved in the running project work, work with young people, will document the work for the public and will develop their own project based on the chosen topics. Their experiences in all this can be followed on a blog which will also serve the needs of the sending organisations.

Volunteers will get 110 € pocket money plus a free sum for food which will be calculated each month based on the activities.

The EVS can start as soon as the visa is ready (but it has to be within the first 7 days of a month).

In case of interest send your CV and Motivation Letter to info@fioh-ngo.con with cc to anivoskanyan@fioh-ngo.com