Our group’s success story is a testament to the extraordinary things that can be achieved when a dedicated and diverse team unites with a shared purpose. Through this narrative, we invite you to witness our journey of overcoming challenges, fostering innovation, and making a transformative impact on our chosen field. Join us as we celebrate the power of unity and the pursuit of excellence:

Another unforgettable ten days are already in my memories. First impressing thing was to see Western Armenia, Mush, from where my roots are coming, Ani, Van. And I made it, I reached to another dream of mine. But this was not only dream to see lands of Western Armenia, it was another tale in my Erasmus world. I gained too much emotions, leverage my knowlege about thing that I didnt even think about. One more thing I want to mention is the increment of social network. we made really good friendships with people frm different countries, and international friends are essential in Erasmus world. I am back to my routine now, but I am not the same person, I did a step up, changed and developed my point of view in a great way.
I am thankful for everything I have, for the opportunity that I had to try myself, go this far and meet myself again.

Just a moment of making a decision of escaping from the reality for 10 days made another wonderful page of my life.
As every Erasmus project it was full of emotions,  This Erasmus was another opportunity for me to explore myself and other people from different parts of this world. It had pretty positive influence on my communication and integration skills.Moreover it was a great chance to travel to the places about which we learn only from books like Van,Mush and Kars.
However this project taught me one and maybe the most important thing. It showed me how to build a ‘nest’ with totally unfamiliar people and in that kind of short time create unforgettable memories together.And like every story ending it again showed me how to leave the place knowing that you have left something behind which is made by each of stone that you brought.Every stone left in Diyarbakir has a memory of us and the project as we have it also.

Those ten days unfolded like a magnificent tapestry, woven with vivid memories and a kaleidoscope of emotions. My Erasmus experience was nothing short of transformative, as it allowed me to immerse myself in a world of diverse cultures and forge deep, meaningful connections with people from around the globe. Through this journey, I not only made friends but also kindred spirits, and they have taken up a permanent residence in the chambers of my heart.
One of my long-held dreams was to visit the city of Van, a place deeply entwined with my roots. Thanks to this project, I seized the opportunity to turn that dream into a reality. The moment I set foot in Van, I was enveloped in emotions that defy description. The experience was unforgettable, like a page torn from the most beautiful book of life, and it left an indelible mark on my soul.

A few weeks ago we returned from the project “We’re building stork nests” in Diyarbakir, Turkey. As you can understand from the project name, we actually built a nest for storks! It was an unforgettable and very interesting experience, as it was the first time I had ever done such a thing and it made it even more memorable! On one of the days of the project we arrived at a beautiful place near Diyarbakir, where a pile of stones was waiting for us. Afterwards, we built a tower on which storks will be able to build their nest in the future. Also during the project we built and hung birdhouses for birds around the city! It was quite a fun task, which brought the participants together even more. Even none of us never built birdhouses before we did great job!
But that’s not the only thing I remembered about this project! We learned a lot about the cultural peculiarities of our countries – Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Portugal and France. At the intercultural evenings we sang, danced, tasted each other’s traditional food and just had a good time together!
It was an amazing week filled with communication, laughter, positive emotions and of course the unique oriental flavor! We were able to fully feel it, because we lived in the historical part of Diyarbakir! We walked a lot along the streets of this wonderful city, admired the architecture and nature, tasted the most delicious oriental sweets and of course Turkish coffee!
During this week we managed to become not just good friends, we became one big multinational family! Thank you very much FIOH for this incredible opportunity, for this wonderful journey, which gave such vivid memories and once again sparkled my inner world.

Greetings, I’m Vazgen, and I’m thrilled to share my brief success story regarding the Erasmus+ exchange program in Diyarbakır, Turkey. 💚
My experience allowed me to forge enduring friendships, improve my language skills, and gain a deep appreciation for local customs and traditions.
Throughout the program, I had the chance to explore the area and witness storks in their natural habitat. Additionally, we actively participated in the engaging task of constructing nests for the storks. We not only delved into learning dances from diverse cultures but also relished the delightful local cuisine. 🎉🍲
The exchange program in “We’re Building Stork Nests” expanded my horizons and left me with unforgettable memories, unveiling a world of boundless possibilities. It’s a success story truly worth sharing.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this program . This program had a great impact on me, it helped me to further develop my way of thinking, and formed new worldviews. I made many good friends in this program, which is very important for me. And finally, I learned how to make a beautiful and good quality stork’s nest, which is a very interesting skill and I think I will need it again. I hope that similar the events will be continuous and I wish you significant and great success in your goals.