Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter

The everyday life at the center contains lots of different work depending on the season. The spring activities will primarily be preparing the boats and the camping site for the summer season. The summer is the busy time of the season where we arrange trips for our visitors – mostly sailing dinghies, SUP and kayaks. The volunteer will participate in the everyday work on their own and together with the other employees at the center. This work includes sailing, upkeeping the dinghies, painting, cutting grass, cleaning, guiding tourists, upkeeping the campsite and various gear.
There might be a possibility of helping in our cafe and events.

We also learn from our volunteers. The volunteers add further life and energy to the center which is highly valued. There is one employee at the center as well as freelancers. The primary target group is children and youths whom we educate and with whom we sail. The secondary target group is a mix of different visitors, who come to our boatyard, exhibition and campsite.

The volunteer must like being outdoor as most of the activities at the center are outdoor activities. A big part of the job is to be with guests in the campground so good social skills are highly required. The volunteer must be open-minded and prepared to be involved in all the various tasks together with the rest of the staff. The volunteer must be able to speak English at a conversational level.



The Centre expects the volunteers to take an active part in the daily educational work, dressed in reconstructed clothing and acting as citizens of the medieval town. Informal training will be provided as needed, and the volunteers may among other things be required to take part in tournaments, demonstrations of siege engines, and similar activities – depending on the personality and abilities of each individual. The work at the centre will provide the volunteer with an indepth knowledge of medieval life in Denmark and at the same time it will give the volunteer volunteer the possibility of developing a wide range of abilities and experience within the various areas of activities of the Middelaldercenter. It’s important that the volunteer understand that the work at Middelaldercentret is only practical. We have no tasks in the administration or any academic work to offer the volunteer. In between the activities we expect that the volunteer work with some of the handcraft we show the guests. The volunteer can choose between dying, rope making, sewing or carpenting. The volunteer have the possibility to help prepare the horses for the tournament.  A typical working day will be from 9.15 am to 16.15 pm and the volunteer will also do occasional work at weekends. However, the working week will not exceed 35 hours per week.

The work in the medieval town is team work, it’s important that everybody can rely on each other, so it demands responsibility to the work and the tasks which is given.

We expect the volunteer to be flexible and willing to try different kinds of work. The volunteer must be openminded, curious and interested in learning more about nature and history. The volunteer must like to spend time outdoors, as many of our activities are outdoor activities. The vounteer must be able to speak English at a conversational level and willing to learn Danish (Scandinavian).

It’s important to point out that when the volunteer work in the medieval city no modern things is allowed. Fx no piercings, no visible tattoos, only jewelry which is medieval approved and so on.


Højskolen Snoghøj 

The Danish folk High Scools are a unique concept and part of the non-formal educational system in Denmark. The students are primarily young adults who stay at the college during the course. Classes are based on dialogue and mutual learning between teachers and students. A stay at a folk High School is very much about intercultural awareness and personal growth.

Snoghøj is situated in the heart of Denmark, on the outskirts of historic Fredericia, Denmarks largest seaport. The school lies next to the sea in very beautiful natural surroundings. It was founded over 100 years ago and has kept pace with developments in modern education, with information technology playing an important part.

Snoghøj is a school with the emphasis on art, performance and artistic processes. All students have choir, performance and reflection processes for emphasizing the development of the self.

The school has the following primary subjects for students attending the school:

Producing Performance Artist (PPA)

Students learn to become a producing artist and this involves all the aspects of the process of making a theatre. Thus, you train being an idea maker, producer, and performer. Subjects are, for example, dramaturgydramatic writing artstage instructionscenography, and light & sound.

Read more about the PPA here!

Musical & Acting Courses

Students train and prepare for applying for the performance art schools but with a focus on the individual ambition and talent. Main subjects are solo singing, choir, drama, performance, improvisation, music theory, and reflection. All classes are taught by experienced teachers who are active in the Danish and/or international scene.

Read more about the course here!

The organisation’s OID number: E10202000

AFS Interkultur 

AFS Interkultur is a partner in the worldwide youth exchange organisation, American Field Service, represented in over 55 countries all over the world. AFS is a voluntary based, non-profit NGO, independent of political and religious interests. In Denmark, AFS started in 1957 and is today the oldest and largest non-profit exchange organisation in Denmark with 20 staff members, more than 30 local chapters (including Greenland and the Faroe Island) and more than 2.000 members, many of whom work as volunteers for the organisation.

In AFS, we believe that through intercultural understanding and by creating meetings across differences we create solidarity among us. We believe that by getting to know each other’s differences and by becoming aware of our own culture we can create more understanding, more sympathy and less prejudges. All of our activities take their beginning in those thoughts.

For more than 50 years, AFS Interkultur has organised exchanges between almost 50 countries of the world. We have extensive experience in intercultural learning and a network throughout the country to ensure proper support to all participants hosted in Denmark. AFS Interkultur has been involved with the European Solidarity Corps (previous EVS) programme since 1997 both as a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation.

AFS’s programmes include:

  • High school stay abroad for young people between 15-18 years (hosting and sending)
  • Programmes for people above the age of 18 spending their gap year taking one or two semesters at a college or university abroad
  • Programmes for people above the age of 18 doing voluntary work in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and Australia (hosting and sending)

The organisation’s OID number: E10021588

The ideal volunteer should have experience with, and/or interest within:

  • Intercultural learning and communication.
  • Working with volunteers in a volunteer-driven organization.
  • Travelling and cultural experiences.
  • Being fluent in English is mandatory.
  • PC literacy (Word, Excel) is mandatory. Other digital skills are an asset.
  • We prefer a creative person who enjoys speaking in front of a crowd and who is motivated to work in a dynamic intercultural atmosphere.
  • He/she should be prepared to work also in the evenings and weekends.
  • The volunteer should also be diligent and reliable and willing to work overtime in peak seasons.

    AFS Interkultur 18+

    The volunteer will be part of the 18+ team in the office which consists of four staff members.

    He/she will also be a member of the volunteer 18+ committee which is in charge of planning and implementing 3-day orientations for 18+ participants, conducting information meetings for potential applicants, organising presentations at educational institutions, etc.

    He/she will be part of both the key staff members and volunteers to get an in-depth understanding of the way AFS Interkultur is organising its activities in Denmark and how we work with our volunteers.

    The main tasks include:

    • Being the liaison between the AFS office and the AFS volunteers in charge of the 18+ programme work, helping them recruit new volunteers and motivate the existing, preparing orientations for Danish and foreign participants in our 18+ programmes, etc. This will give him/her a thorough knowledge and experience in how to work with volunteers in a volunteer-driven organization.
    • Taking part in the weekly evening meetings of the volunteer committee.
    • The volunteer will also be responsible for and participate in our Global Competence Certificate, where we train and certify youth in intercultural learning.
    • Being directly involved in the implementation of meetings and orientations as co-facilitator, including the 4 x 3-day weekend orientations offered to our 18+ participants. This will enable him/her to get a hands-on experience in the running of volunteer youth activities and doing workshops/presentations. Among other topics, the orientations will be about team building, solidarity cultural encounters and conflict resolution.
    • Being trained as a facilitator of the intercultural learning course offered to 18+ participants giving him/her an in-depth understanding of intercultural learning.
    • Being trained and work on programmatic and administrative issues linked to AFS youth exchange and voluntary service programmes such as public relations, quality assurance, project management, networking and partnership building, etc.
    • The volunteer’s learning process in the above fields will be supported by on-the-job training whenever needed, structured and informal discussions as well as regular planning and sum-up meetings.
    • The volunteer will have access to and will work with publications and online information about different types of youth and voluntary service programmes and implementation guidelines, which will enable him/her to gain knowledge about such programmes and the issues at stake when implementing international youth exchange and voluntary service programmes.
    • Furthermore, we are very open to the volunteer’s interests and learning goals. If the volunteer has specific skills or skills he/she wants to develop it will be possible to tailor the tasks in the scope of what we do.


    The ideal volunteer should have experience with, and/or interest within:

    • Intercultural learning and communication.
    • Working with volunteers in a volunteer-driven organization.
    • Travelling and cultural experiences.
    • Being fluent in English is mandatory.
    • PC literacy (Word, Excel) is mandatory. Other digital skills are an asset.
    • We prefer a creative person who enjoys speaking in front of a crowd and who is motivated to work in a dynamic intercultural atmosphere.
    • He/she should be prepared to work also in the evenings and weekends.
    • The volunteer should also be diligent and reliable and willing to work overtime in peak seasons.

      Egå Ungdoms-Hojskole 

      The volunteer will be part of the special fellowship that exists on a Danish Efterskole and Folk High School. As the volunteer is older than the students, he/she will also be positioned as leaders, persons of authority and consultants, and this is a great opportunity for the volunteer to develop her/his pedagogical abilities and the ability to structure and plan events for others.

      In addition the volunteer will have other task defined by EUH. Activities could be:

      • To participate in the making of a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the dorm for international students
      • To create a stimulating learning environment in which our students will be able to thrive, grow, and prosper. This work requires both practical help to meet the resident requirements from the Danish Authorities and a lot of “just being around” the young people attending the school, facilitating a functional collective oozing of respect in between the dorm students in which there should also be room for individual differences

      These tasks EUH hopes, is to be met in the social work at the school as well as in the curriculum courses (as teacher’s assistant). The volunteer will mainly work to strengthen cultural awareness amongst the students through a variety of inter-cultural arrangements and pedagogically planned events during the entire course. All activities have the main end of enlighten and empower our students in a way that’ll enable them to develop on a personal level and to participate as full citizens in a democratic society.

      EUH offers an intellectual and emotional stimulating environment with highly competent and engaged colleagues and a broad variety of challenges pertaining to create the best possible Folk High School for our students. The volunteer will find a high degree of freedom in her/his work environment in which he/she will find rich opportunity to develop personal skills and make long lasting experiences within communication, teaching, and pedagogics.

      We prefer a creative persons who enjoys speaking in front of a crowd and who is motivated to develop events and activities that strengthen the integration between Danish and international students. The volunteer must be mature, open-minded and able to work based on his/her own initiative, but also work in close cooperation with the staff at the project. Furthermore, we would prefer a person with a good command of spoken and written English language. The volunteer should be prepared to work also in the evenings and weekends and should be prepared to live in the countryside among a lot of young people.


The volunteer will either stay with a local Danish host family or at the hosting project.

In the host families the volunteer will be expected to become part of the family and as such take part in the activities and responsibilities in the family. The volunteer will have his/her three meals provided by the host family and/or project. Transport to and from home to the project is covered by the programme.

If the volunteer lives at the hosting project, the volunteer will eat his/her meals there.

As a part of the European Solidarity Corps program, the following is covered by us:

    • International transport is covered to a certain amount. The EU sets a budget depending on the distance to our office. If you travel in a green way your budget will be higher!
    • Health insurance
    • Food and accommodation
    • Allowance/pocket money: 220 euro in total: 180 euro (decided by the department of the EU) + 40 euro from the local AFS department.
    • Transportation covered: from home to project and from home to language school (if chosen).

Working hours: 30-38 hours/week

All volunteers save up to 2 holidays every month.

HOW TO APPLY? : If you want to apply for this volunteer position you have to fill out: https://b24-zh51xm.bitrix24.site/crm_form_rq8nb/