• TOPIC: Youth Development and Education Enhancement
  • DATES: 6-12 months
  • VENUE: Resita, Romania


The “Youth Development and Education Enhancement Project in Romania” is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide young people in Romania with a wide range of opportunities to further develop and learn new skills and knowledge. This project encompasses various activities aimed at fostering personal growth, global awareness, and addressing the issue of school dropouts among Romanian youth.

This project encourages young individuals to engage in meaningful volunteer work, both in Romania and abroad. By participating in volunteering activities, youth can contribute to their communities, gain practical experience, and develop a sense of social responsibility.

The project offers seminars and training sessions on various topics, including leadership, communication skills, entrepreneurship, and more. These educational opportunities empower young people to acquire valuable skills and knowledge that can enhance their personal and professional growth.

Engaging in national and international campaigns allows Romanian youth to address critical issues and advocate for positive change. These campaigns promote global awareness, cross-cultural understanding, and active citizenship among the younger generation.

The project facilitates youth exchanges, enabling Romanian youth to interact with their peers from different countries. These exchanges provide a platform for cultural exchange and collaborative learning, fostering international friendships and broadening horizons.

The project acknowledges the challenge of school dropouts among Romanian youth and strives to combat this issue through strategic development initiatives. It aims to provide targeted support and resources to students at risk of leaving school prematurely, helping them stay on track and complete their formal education.

The “Youth Development and Education Enhancement Project in Romania” aspires to empower the country’s youth by offering diverse opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and global engagement. Through a combination of voluntary work, educational activities, and support for formal education, this project seeks to equip Romanian youth with the tools and experiences they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


  • age between 18 and 30
  • flexible, open-minded, tolerant, communicative
  • with experience a local volunteer
  • interested in gining experience in pedagogy, special education, non-formal education and in working with young people willing to work in teams or individually with initiative and creativity
  • want to help young people, especially in disadvantaged communities
  • ready to fight against exclusion, prejudices and stereotypes
  • at least having beginner level of English knowledge

Please fill in the application form: https://bit.ly/3SoSy3u

Deadline is ASAP