• TOPIC: Energy-Creativity-Solidarity
  • DATES: Minimum 9 months max. 12 (2023-2024)
  • VENUE: Poland, Łódź 


Title: Energy-Creativity-Solidarity: Empowering Communities through Education
The Energy-Creativity-Solidarity Project, organized by The 3 Floors Education Centre, is a transformative initiative aimed at fostering educational development within diverse communities in Łódź, Poland. This essay delves into the project’s core values, its impact on volunteers and beneficiaries, and the overarching goals of creating positive change through energy, creativity, and solidarity.

The 3 Floors Education Centre  coordinates volunteer projects at 3 locations:
– 8 Kindergartens in Lodz (including 2 Forest Kindergartens)
– 2 primary schools in and around Lodz (including 1 Forest)
– 6 Libraries
In the form you can choose which organization you would like to work for.


  • If you are 18 to 30 years old
  • available long-term project (min. 9 months)
  • interested in educational work with various groups, especially children
  • you can communicate at least at a medium level of English
  • you’re open-minded and willing to live and work in a very diverse environment
  • you can handle challenges and changes

Please fill in the application form: http://surl.li/hdqbo
Deadline: Asap!

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