On 12.12.2022 started a new project in Georgia.
The project Humans for Humanity consists of two parts. The First stage has already taken place in Georgia
And the second stage took place in Latvia. We want to share some objectives of the project with you.

The project aims to

To increase the employability and participation of youth workers, develop their professional skills, and increase their efficiency
To give tools for coaching and supporting the youngsters in their own communities
To develop training skills, communication skills, and organizational skills;To gain insight into refugees’ life and experience in working with refugees by implementing workshops for them;To develop awareness about personal concepts and beliefs one has about diversity, different cultures and religions, and habitual ways to communicate and to react to conflict;
To develop creativity and international collaboration.

Here is success story from Latvia:
This time I’ll call our 2nd stage of the Erasmus + program ‘’Warmth’’
An experience which gave me a lot of warmth no matter that it was -16 outside, inside it was warmer than I expected it to be.
From my whole heart I’m thankful to our trainer Luka whose training helps us to reconsider our visions of communication with people, to find the easiest ways to help people without giving them advice, but asking the right questions that can help them to find answers by themselves.

This was my first experience in Erasmus+ program which had 2 stages, and each stage was different by its emotions and colors.
Thankful for every meaningful connection I have made during and after the program, these people now are one of my closest ones, who have already bought tickets to Armenia, and we’ll make the 3rd stage, and a lot of stages in the future, because of this wonderful program which united us.
I’m very  thankful from all of my heart to every person who was involved in this project, from the organizers to the people who were cooking in the kitchen the tastiest and healthiest food, thankful to our ‘’FIOH’’ NGO who did everything connected with the technical part, and supported us in every possible way.
I will never forget this experience, it definitely helped me open up my future. The second stage was better because we knew one another previously and I felt being in a family. The knowledge I got is invaluable as it is not thought in schools or universities. Being in a new country thousands of kilometers far from Armenia, experiencing good and challenging days, getting to know a new culture, meeting new people, trying very tasty and healthy food helped me change my way of thinking and living as well. I will confess that not a single formal institution can provide that much knowledge and experience than non formal education does. I could manage to improve my communication, language and intercultural skills and gain soft skills which made me more competitive.

I highly recommend everyone taking part at least one project to feel the real value and the impact of non formal education.

To travel, to experience, to live and love and appreciate))

Thank you once more FIOH for a wide window you opened in my life and career.
Could never imagine that connecting with people can be so powerful. People from different cultures with various values gather together to share what they have and what they know making the world better. During the project I got to know how important and beautiful it is to make meaningful connections with human beings just like you. It helps you understand first of all yourself and then other people better, to see how colorful the world around you is, how deep you have to go the see that world with all its shades. People are a few of these pretty shades, you just have to recognize and differentiate them among a lot of colours.  Communication is the key to this, and the project was the best field for building those beautiful relationships.
The second stage of the project in Drusti, Latvia was like a miracle to me. At first, I could not believe that the second stage of the project was going to happen and I was about to meet the people again with whom I have built strong connections and also get acquainted with new people around. The whole training course was amazing and inspiring. I have gained a lot of competencies, skills, and tools which, in general, I am going to implement in my life and youth work. I remember me saying after the first stage that we have established really strong and meaningful bonds which I thought that was going to be continued, but now that the project is over I would like to mention that we have become close friends to each other and already we do have realistic plans about meeting and visiting each other to continue celebrating the strong friendship we’ve made. This TC was full of emotions, knowledge, and connections that will be memorable and last forever. I am grateful for it.

The second stage of my first Erasmus project. I can’t put my experience into words. Such an amazing opportunity, to meet wonderful people, to learn, to experience, to share, and to listen. It is wonderfully amazing how this non-formal approach toward education, leads us to ourselves. I got to learn things about myself in this project, about which I’m sure I could never be taught in any university. This project has given me a lot which I’m still processing. The impact has been huge. And I’m so thankful to be given this opportunity. The golden days in Latvia will always stay in my heart and I will look forward to creating adventures with the family I made there! Cheers!